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The followng is a list of templates used in this Wiki.


Main article: Battlestar Wiki:Citation Jihad

Endnote/Footnote References

  • {{ref}} - Used next to text which requires a notation.
    Example: Gaius Baltar claimed that Sharon Valerii talked with an Aerelon accent. Template:Ref
  • {{note}} - Used in the endnote/footnote section of a page, which will automatically jump the user to the point where this note is referenced in the article.
    Example: Template:Note The "Aerelon" accent is more likely a conceit, as actress Grace Park speaks with an American accent.
  • {{From RDM blog}} - Used to cite RDM's blog.
    Example: Cally was studying to be a dental assistant, and her enlistment was almost up prior to the Fall of the Colonies. (

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

  • {{source}} - Used to link to a subpage which contains source information.
    See Mercury class battlestar for an example of proper implementation of this template.

To Wikipedia

  • {{WPBOX}} - Prints out a box which contains a link to Wikipedia. See the assassination article for its use.

For Demonstrations

  • {{tl}} - This is meant to print pseudo syntax on how to use a template.
    For example: In order to insert a spoiler tag, enter: {{spoiler}}


  • {{u}} - Meant for
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  • {{s}} - Meant for Template:S text without needing to use the HTML equivalent.


  • {{spoiltext}} - Meant for blacking out text which is spoilerific, as per the Spoiler Policy.
  • {{spoiler}} - Meant for warning readers and contributors that a page contains spoilerific information, which should be placed on the very first line(s) of the spoiler-inclusive content of the page as per the Battlestar Wiki:Spoiler Policy.

Warnings and Other Messages

  • {{copyvio}} - Prints out a warning message on an article page, stating that the content of that page has been identified as a copyright violation and should be deleted in order to avoid copyright infringement issues.
  • {{delete}} - Prints out a note and request for a page to be deleted.
  • {{deletebecause}} - Does the same as {{delete}}, with the exception that the user can add a reason, which is then added to the box in a predetermined place.
  • {{derivative}} - Used on a page using content which is derived from another non-wiki website's pre-existing content.
  • {{derivative2}} - Used on a page using content which is derived from another wiki's pre-existing content.
  • {{disambig}} - Used on a disambiguation page.
  • {{expansion}} - Prints out a note requesting that the page be expanded.
  • {{imagevio}} - Prints out a warning message on an image description page that the image has been identified as a copyright violation, and thus should be deleted.