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Next Episode:

USA USA - Exodus, Part I - 2006-10-13 at 9pm
CAN CAN - Exodus, Part I - 2006-10-14 at 9pm
UK UK - Occupation and Precipice - Unknown (Q1 2007)

Rerun & Special Airdates:


Universal logo.jpg Battlestar Galactica: The Story So Far will air on Sunday, October 8th at 5PM/4C on the SciFi Channel.
AdamaLL1.jpg Starting at 8AM/7C, five episodes of Battlestar Galactica (TOS) will air on Friday, October 13th on the SciFi Channel.


Resurrection Ship attack plans.jpg
Repeats of Season 2 on Sky One continue with Resurrection Ship, Part I on Wednesday, October 11th at 11pm GMT followed by Resurrection Ship, Part II at 12pm GMT.