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Officers in uniform.

The standard Colonial Warrior uniform consists of a beige tunic and pants. An arm patch is affixed to their right arm and there are one or two pins around the neckline. Warriors may or may not wear a brown jacket, which also has an arm patch on the right and buttons on either side of the collar. The tunic is fastened using valcron (velcro) which runs between the shoulder blade and the wearer's left breast (Saga of a Star World). This uniform has a black belt with a golden buckle; a separate pistol-belt is worn, with a leg belt to keep the holster firmly affixed to the wearer's leg.

Warriors who pilot Vipers wear a pressure suit underneath their uniforms to protect them from gravitational forces (Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I). Apparently, this isn't so much a concern for shuttle pilots, although there is one instance of a shuttle pilot wearing the suit. ...continued...