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This page is one of Battlestar Wiki's many projects.
This page serves to coordinate discussion on a particular aspect of this Wiki. The formal recommendations of a project may be treated as policies.

At present, there are 29 featured articles, and 1 potential featured articles out of a total of 5,223 articles.

Criteria for a Featured Article

A featured article should have the following attributes:

  • The article should be well-researched with proper citations of sources.
  • It needs to contain canonical information; non-canonical information should be avoided, unless it has a purpose such as to dispel a common misconception.
  • If the article contains POV content, it must be deemed insightful by a majority of the community.
  • The article must be properly copy-edited for grammar and style. See Battlestar Wiki:Standards and Conventions.
  • The article should contain no "broken" links.
  • The article must have images pertinent to the article, whether in the form of screencaptures, graphs, charts, or diagrams, to name a few.
  • The article needs to be contain at least 400 words of content. While a short article is not necessarily a stub (see below), featured articles should contain enough substance to cover at least 150 words.
  • All cites should be in the format using the Cite templates.

If the article has been marked a {{quality article}} it should be given more weight to others without it, but articles do not need the {{quality article}} status to become an FA.

The following do not qualify as Featured Article candidates:

  • Stubs
  • Talk pages
  • Silly pages
  • Anything in the Battlestar Wiki, Quotes, Sources, Template, or User namespaces.
  • If an image from the wanted article is currently the featured picture, the article is disqualified until the image is not the featured picture.

The featured article selection process is discribed below, however new FAs do not show up until after the first of the new month.

Identifying a Potential Featured Article and Selection Process

Featured Articles should be identified as such, so that a master list can be created. If you think an article should be a featured article on the front page, submit it first as {{featured article candidate}}.

Essentially, this would be done in the following way:

  1. A contributor tags an article page with {{featured article candidate}}, then adds a note to the debate page explaining their reasoning. A list could also be maintained here, either manually updated or as a link to a "feature candidate" category. There can be an unlimited number of featured articles candidates at any given time.
  2. Involved members of the community will then discuss the candidate article. Typically, they should be as constructively critical as possible to ensure that the quality is what expected of an FA (Read above for these details.)
  3. If the consensus is that the article is potentially of "feature" quality, then the discussion will evolve into modifying the article in such a way as to polish the article so as to achieve full "Featured Article" status, as this is the final step before becoming a full pledged Featured article.
  4. After a certain amount of time and there is enough support for it to be considered 'featured', it will be tagged {{featured article}} and be assigned for the next free month's FA spot. Time is roughly viewed as "is the discussion on this article ended". If discussion is still going, it will not be changed to FA status.
    • The FA CIC will have to decided if the article meets all of the criteria above with the debate that goes on. This makes getting articles FA status harder.
    • Featured article will be created and placed in the "Archive" for the current year so things happen automatically.
  5. Articles that do not seem to be getting any support, will be marked previous featured article candidates, and will be marked with {{featured article candidate previous}} tag to indicate that they were previously nominated. This does not exlude them from becoming feature article candidates again. The debate of the article will be moved to an archive page for future reference on what needs to be fixed.

Current FA Chief In Charge (FA CIC)

Every month a Chief of the Battlestar Wiki (sysop) will be the selector of the FA to designate it as such and will be rotated at the start of each calender month to the next chief in line. These are the procedures on how this will happen to make it fair for everyone.

  1. This order is randomly selected using the same method of the membership raffle -- all chief's are put into the randomizer depending on their status.
  2. A chief will be taken out of the list if she/he becomes automatic leave of absence or regular leave of absence and the next person in the line will take over only during their month that they are supposed to be the FA CIC. (For example, if Shane was the FA CIC for February, and he went on LOA on January, but came back before February, he would still be the FA CIC. If Shane went on LOA in February, the next person in line, Catrope, would take over for the rest of February, including his month of March.)
  3. If the chief comes back during their FA CIC month, they will have to wait until the next time they come up.
  4. Only for the current year would the chief list be generated, and their are chances that a chief might serve more than one time during the course of a year depending on the number of active chief's at the time.
  5. Once all the chiefs have been the FA CIC, the order will be randomized again. As of this point, the randomizer is run twice because of lack of admins. If an admin comes back from LOA, they will fill up starting at the first "doubled" up sysop.

The list of the FA CIC is as follows for 2008:

  • January - None
  • February & March - Steelviper
  • April - Joe Beaudoin
  • May - Gougef
  • June - April Arcus
  • July - Spencerian
  • August - Shane
  • September - Catrope
  • October - Catrope
  • November - April Arcus
  • December - Shane

Case Orange: The current chief in charge of the FA is JubalHarshaw

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List of Featured Article Candidates

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