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All frequently asked questions are (to be) located here.

Additional FAQs

For questions relating to proper nouns in Battlestar, see Battlestar Wiki:FAQ/Proper BSG nouns.

How do I report or deal with vandalism?

Vandalism is a simple matter to deal with. You can either edit the document by removing the offending content or reverting it to a previous edit.

Once that is done, you should report the vandalism on the Wikipedian Quorum, with the vandal's user name or IP address and the vandalised page in question. (This can be found via the history page.)

Can I add fan fiction related items to this wiki?

Unfortunately for the fan fiction community, the Battlestar Wiki is an information and dissemination resource for canonical information. Ergo, we do not allow fan fiction or related information (such as non-canonical characters and events) to be listed on this wiki.

Should you see such information, please tag it with a {{non-canon}} tag. It'll be dealt with accordingly.

Can I add my own FAQ to this page?

If you feel that this page would benefit, you may feel free to add your own questions (with the answers, logically!) to this page. Any additions or corrections would be appreciated, and it falls within the spirit of a wiki.