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BSG WIKI Project.png This page is one of Battlestar Wiki's many projects.
This page serves to coordinate discussion on a particular aspect of this Wiki. The formal recommendations of a project may be treated as policies.

In an effort to build Battlestar Wiki's user-base, we have created External Portals on social networks (MySpace, Facebook, et al.) to bolster our online presence.

What's the purpose?

The primary objectives of an External Portal are to:

  1. Expand our online presence in an effort to grow a larger user-base and recruit contributors.
  2. Open additional lines of communication for those that use social networks.

Additionally, aside from our Portal system used internally, an external portal allows us to promote our online presence at a low, if not non-existent financial cost.

What external portals are

External portals are ...

  • ... a centralized means of updating people on the ongoings of the Wiki.
  • ... a means of communication and discussion.
  • ... a gateway for integrating newcomers who are unfamiliar and, therefore, certainly uncomfortable with using the wiki's software frontend.

What external portals are not

External portals are not ...

  • ... a means to create or implement policy.
    • Corollary: All policies are to be vetted through the Think Tank process. Policies may originate from suggestions from participants using the external portals, but must be dunked in the Tank for discussion and voting.
  • ... a personal soapbox.
  • ... to report Battlestar Galactica or related news. Although we do post news pertinent to BSG, Battlestar Wiki is, first and foremost, a reference and not a news source. Please do not confuse the two.


As external portals are in support of the Wiki, they are also bound by the same policies, specifically Civility, Assume good faith, and our Official Representation policies. On the "dark side", the policies for banning and blocking also apply when policies are breached beyond the effective ability for dispute resolution.


All "friend requests" from social networks will be reviewed prior to approval or rejection, additionally any postings or comments will be moderated prior to being posted. Anything in violation of our policies (or against the policies of the social network in question) will be rejected.


At present, Joe Beaudoin Jr. operates the current MySpace portal.

List of external portals

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