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Check user is a user level within a wiki which allows these users to check the IP (Internet protocol) address of any user that edits on the wiki. Check user's are trusted members because they have access to private confidential information that would otherwise might compromise users ability to keep annonmity.

Why Check User?

Check user's can see if there are people running two usernames under the same IP. Also it allows them to detect any patterns to see if the person who is "adding" information is really a blocked or banned user as they are not allowed to contribute to the site.

What will never happen

These users will not release the user's IP address to anyone, unless the proper authorities ask for the information. By law, if we receive a valid request we have to release the information. Depending on the circumstances we can or may not be able to tell the user.

Safe Guards

Every request made made in the "Check User" system is logged.