Battle of Ochoa

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Battle of Ochoa
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Place: Ochoa
Result: Cylon victory
Galactica's Vipers Cylons
Lieutenant Commander Apollo Unknown
2 Colonial Vipers; 1 "antique" Viper, 1 Scarlet-class Viper 24 Cylon Raiders; 12 in initial attack, 12 launched from Ochoa as reinforcements
Materiel Losses
Starbuck's Viper 12 Cylon Raiders (1 phalanx)
Captain Starbuck (assumed) 36 Centurions (assumed; 3 per Raider)
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle at Galaxy's Edge (previous known battle) Battle of Ochoa

The Battle of Ochoa is the encounter with Cylon forces, which occurs 18 yahren from the events of "The Hand of God", and the first in six yahrens.

On a recon mission to investigate Binary 13's lone habitable planet Ochoa for supplies, Lieutenant Commander Apollo and Captain Starbuck discover they are being jammed by a then-unknown force on the planet. Upon closing near the planet, Apollo "feels" a familial, malevolent presence, due to his mental training as a member of the Kobollian bloodline, and the jamming field lowers.

During a scanner probe to the planet, they are attacked by a phalanx of Cylon Raiders. Both evade the Raiders, with Apollo destroying two in one volley, and Starbuck destroying a third. Both make a run to do a scan of the planet, detecting a Cylon base (which has yet to launch reinforcements). With the Cylons pursing them, they initiate a "divide and conquer" tactic; five Raiders pursue Starbuck, four pursue Apollo. They revector in a near-collsion course, allowing their partner Viper to take out the Cylons who were pursuing them blindly.

Starbuck manages to destroy three of Apollo's pursuers, with Apollo destroying four without incident. However, the fifth Cylon Apollo targets fires a volley at Starbuck's Viper, before Apollo is able to destroy the Cylon.

Starbuck's apex pulsar is destroyed by the laser volley, causing the ship to collide into the the last remaining Raider. The Raider is destroyed, and Starbuck's craft is crippled, with the momentum of the collision forcing the craft towards the planet.

Apollo is unable to render assistance to his wingman, as another phalanx launches from the Cylon base; he leaves Ochoa on a course that would not lead the Cylon phalanx back to the Fleet, successfully evading them while mourning for his friend, who he believes dead (RH: Armageddon).