Battle of Molecay

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Battle of Molecay
Pegasus, the sole survivor of the Fifth Fleet
Pegasus, the sole survivor of the Fifth Fleet
Conflict: Thousand-Yahren War
Date: 2 yahren before Destruction of the Colonies
Related Episode(s):
Place: Molecay
Result: Cylon victory
The Twelve Colonies Cylons
Commander Cain Unknown
The Fifth Fleet Unknown
Materiel Losses
The Fifth Fleet lost (except for battlestar Pegasus) Unknown
Unknown, heavy Unknown
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Attack on Umbra Battle of Molecay Battle of Cimtar

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The Battle of Molecay was a major engagement between Cylon forces and the Fifth Fleet (including the battlestar Pegasus), approximately two yahrens prior to Pegasus's miraculous re-discovery by Galactica and her civilian Fleet after the destruction of the Colonies.

This fleet, under the command of Commander Cain, was apparently destroyed (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part I").

Cain and Pegasus survive the encounter, and later meet up with the rag-tag Fleet being led by Galactica, where Cain works to incite an attack on Cylon forces at Gamoray (TOS: "The Living Legend, Part I").