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Battle of Cimtar (alternate)

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Battle of Cimtar
[[Image:|center|300px|Cylon raiders begin the ambush on the battlestars]]
Cylon raiders begin the ambush on the battlestars
Conflict: Thousand-Yahren War
Date: During the Peace Conference
Related Episode(s):
Place: Cimtar, Twelve Colonies of Man
Result: Decisive Cylon victory, destruction of the Twelve Colonies
The Twelve Colonies of Man Cylons
Commander Adama
President Adar
Imperious Leader
Colonial Fleet Cylon Fleet
Materiel Losses
All battlestars and vessels engaged in defense. Unknown, minimal
All Colonies destroyed Unknown, minimal
Battle Chronology
Previous Next
Battle of Cimtar

The Battle of Cimtar is the defining cornerstone of various separate continuity stories, depicted in a wide variety of tie-in media from comics, novels, and games across the panoply of materials since 1978 C.E. and into 2020 C.E.

Richard Hatch's Novels

In Richard Hatch's novels, the Battle of Cimtar results in the ascension of Zac, the first casualty of that decisive attack, as a Being of Light[1]. Additional victims of note included Persephone, Boomer's youngest sister[2] (RH: Armageddon).

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