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Averna is an Acmaran from the city named Salis.

With Taron, she is part of the party that greets Galactica's Warriors, lead by Captain Apollo (The Law of Volahd, Part 1).

Averna does not, however, support Taron or his regime, installed by their "deity", an IL-series Cylon called Volahd. Averna herself was slated for experimentation, she somehow avoids this, while fooling Taron and his supporters.

She aids in the Warrior's escape from their cell, and later aids Apollo in freeing Lieutenant Sheba before the Acmarans could begin their experiments on her.

Averna is one of the last Acmarans to escape Salis before its destruction, reuniting with people who escaped the Cylons' experiments, who live in the hills far outside the city (The Law of Volahd, Part 2).