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[[Image:Caprica - Athena Academy.jpg|thumb|The Athena Academy on Caprica, fifty-eight years before the [[Fall]].]]
[[File:Caprica - Pilot - Athena Academy Frontage.png|thumb|Frontage of the [[Athena Academy]] circa [[42YR]] {{CAP|Pilot (Caprica)}}.]]
'''Athena Academy''' is an educational institution on {{RDM|Caprica}} where Sister [[Clarice Willow]] teaches.
'''Athena Academy''' is an educational institution on {{RDM|Caprica}} where Sister [[Clarice Willow]] teaches.

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Frontage of the Athena Academy circa 42YR (CAP: "Pilot").

Athena Academy is an educational institution on Caprica where Sister Clarice Willow teaches.

Ben Stark, Zoe Graystone, Lacy Rand, Keon Gatwick and Caston are students at the Academy fifty-eight years before the Fall. The school has a liberal policy regarding various religious faiths, including monotheism (CAP: "Pilot").

The Academy is named after, and pledges its service to, Athena, Lord of Kobol.

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  • The Athena Building is the School of Theology building on the University of British Columbia's campus, located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.[1]
  • The pictures above are considered "behind the scenes" photos and are thus not precisely in line with the in-universe depiction. (For instance, note the Ford pick-up truck on the bottom right corner of the main photo.)
  • All photos, unless otherwise noted, are care of the 13th Colony blog. Further information available on each image's description page.


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