Armistice Officer

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Armistice Officer
Armistice Officer


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Death Start of the Miniseries
Children Boxey
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Portrayed by Ryan Robbins
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The Armistice Station Officer (also referred to as the "courier officer") is assigned to the Armistice Station, representing the Twelve Colonies in their long-dormant diplomatic relations with the exiled Cylons. He brings with him pictures his family, including a photo of his son Boxey, which he displays on the negotiation table.[1]

The officer is the first member of the Colonial Fleet to see the Cylons in over 40 years when two upgraded Cylon Centurions arrive at the station. They are accompanied by what appears to be a strikingly beautiful woman, a Cylon evolved to humanoid form. While the Centurions stand at attention, the woman asks the Colonial officer, "Are you alive?" When he answers "Yes", she tells him to prove it, and kisses him.

A missile launches from a Cylon basestar and strikes, shaking the station. The woman announces, "It has begun," then continues to hold him down and kisses him again, preventing him from escaping back to his shuttle.

Fleet Headquarters sends a general message requesting the status of all FTL-capable ships when the courier officer is overdue coming back from Armistice Station, just in case they need someone to jump there and check on him. Commander Adama has Lieutenant Gaeta reply that they are too busy with the impending decommissioning ceremonies to help (TRS: "Miniseries").

Unbeknownst to any human, the Armistice Officer is the first human to die during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.


  • The actor portraying the officer, Ryan Robbins, underwent a significant transformation through makeup and prosthetics in order to appear older than he really was. The original script of the Miniseries called for the opening to show a young officer repeatedly visiting Armistice Station over the 40 years between the end of the Cylon War and the Attack on the Colonies, progressively aging with each visit. Multiple scenes with Robbins in various age-enhanced makeup were filmed, however all of them except the final scene where Six makes her entrance were cut.
  • Actor Ryan Robbins also portrayed the New Caprica Resistance fighter Charlie Connor in seasons three and four. Additionally, he portrayed Diego in the prequel Caprica.
  • In the novelization of the Miniseries, the officer has a name, Colonel Wakefield. However, the novelization is a based in a separate continuity, as it takes liberty in giving names to places and characters that have not been substantiated by or contradict later aired content.
  • On the Officer's lapel, one can see a "battlestar Galactica BSG 75" badge. This detail is more definite on the Blu-ray HD version of the Miniseries. Yet one cannot know if he was part of Galactica's crew at this moment or not.


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