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Apollo, Lord of Kobol

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One of the Lords of Kobol worshipped by modern-day Colonials.

Apollo is the son of Zeus, and regarded in Colonial religion as the god the god of the hunt and the god of healing. In this, his role somewhat mirrors that of Apollo of the Olympian Pantheon of ancient greece.

Within Colonial religion, Apollo is symbolised by the Arrow of Apollo.


Greek Mythology

In Greek mythology, Apollo (Greek: Apollon) is the son of Zeusand Leto and the twin to Artemis, with whom he shares lordship over the hunt. In his role as the god of healing, he also fulfilled the contradictory role of the bringer of plagues such as rabies and leprosy.

From the perspective of Battlestar Galactica, Apollo in Greek mythology, Apollo was said to have dominion colonists, and the parton saints of flocks and herds. As the god of healing, he also purified those guilty of murder.

These points all map onto the character od Lee Adama:

  • As CAG, he is responsible for operating the Combat Air Patrols that protect the Colonists within the fleet (which could be regarded as a flock or herd)
  • Within Bastille Day, he provided a means by which Tom Zarek's past acts (including blowing up a government building and killing people (Bastille Day) could be "purified" through hard labour in support of the fleet, thus bringing about Zarek's apparent reformation and return to society (Colonial Day).

Apollo is also linked to two further symbols of Greek mythology used within the Battlestar Galactica universe: the Pythia, who were regarded as the mouth of Apoll, who occupied the temple at Delphi.

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