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The term <b>Apollo</b> leads to the following:
Please select a specific reference for the name, '''Apollo'''.
* The callsign of Captain [[Adama, Lee|Lee Adama]], [[RDM Battlestar Galactica|"re-imagined"  Battlestar Galactica]]
* [[Captain Apollo (TOS)|Captain Apollo]], [[TOS Battlestar Galactica|Original Battlestar Galactica]]
* [[Apollo, Lord of Kobol]], son of [[Greek Gods #Zeus|Zeus]]
* Information on the [[Lords of Kobol]]

* From the {{TOS|Battlestar Galactica|Original Series}}:
** {{TOS|Apollo|Captain Apollo}}, the son of Commander {{TOS|Adama}} and brother of {{TOS|Athena}} and [[Zac]] in the Original Series.
** [[Apollo's medallion]], an object he gives {{TOS|Boxey}} before going on the mission to [[Arcta]].
** Transmissions from {{TOS|Earth|Earth}}'s moon from the [[Wikipedia:Apollo 11|Apollo 11]] mission as received in the Original Series episode, "{{TOS|The Hand of God|The Hand of God}}."
* From the [[Battlestar Galactica (RDM)|Re-imagined Series]]:
** The pilot callsign of [[Lee Adama]] from the Re-imagined Series.
** [[Arrow of Apollo]], a Colonial icon and treasure that is used to activate the [[Tomb of Athena]] in "[[Home, Part II]]".
** [[Apollo, Lord of Kobol]], son of [[Zeus]].
** [[Apollo Park]], a park on {{RDM|Caprica}} where the memorial for the victims of the [[Lev]] suicide bombing is held in the ''[[Caprica (series)|Caprica]]'' episode "[[Rebirth]]."
** [[Apollo University]], a university on {{RDM|Caprica}}.
* From merchandise relating to the series:
** ''[[List of Comics#Apollo's Journey|Apollo's Journey]]'', a three-issue miniseries from Maximum Press loosely based on the Original Series.
** ''[[Apollo's War]]'', a novel by [[Robert Thurston]] based on the Original Series.

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Please select a specific reference for the name, Apollo.

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