Anne Adama

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Anne Adama was William Adama's second wife. Her father was friends with an important member of the Defense Subcommittee; it was partly through this connection that her husband was able to reinstate both himself and Saul Tigh in the Colonial Fleet after their post-war furlough.

Tigh referred to Anne as William Adama's new wife during a flashback roughly 20 years prior to the events in the Miniseries, giving viewers an approximate date of their marriage (Scattered).

No information has been given in any aired content as to the fate of William's and Anne's marriage. A clue that the Adamas were still married may be the grieving appearance of Commander Adama as he announces the destruction of Caprica City during the Cylon attack (Miniseries), which presumes that loved ones, perhaps Anne herself, are Commander Adama's personal losses. Keen viewers also note that Adama wears a wedding ring, further supporting his current marital status with Anne.