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'''Anne Adama''' was [[William Adama]]'s second wife. Her father was friends with an important member of the Defense Subcommittee; it was partly through this connection that her husband was able to reinstate both himself and [[Saul Tigh]] in the Colonial Fleet after their post-war furlough.
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Tigh referred to Anne as William Adama's new wife during a flashback roughly 20 years prior to the events in the [[Miniseries]], giving viewers an approximate date of their marriage ([[Scattered]]).
No information has been given in any aired content as to the fate of William's and Anne's marriage. A clue that the Adamas were still married may be the grieving appearance of Commander Adama as he announces the destruction of Caprica City during the [[Fall of the Twelve Colonies|Cylon attack]] ([[Miniseries]]), which presumes that loved ones, perhaps Anne herself, are Commander Adama's personal losses. Keen viewers also note that Adama wears a wedding ring, further supporting his current marital status with Anne.
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