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{{Star Data|
{{Cast Data|
   image= Anonymous.png
   image= Rya.jpg
| credit=  
| credit=  
| character= [[Rya Kibby]]
| character= [[Rya Kibby]]
| dob=  
| born_month=
| born_day=
| born_year=
| death_month=
| death_day=
| death_year=
| nationality=  
| nationality=  
| imdb= 0745336
| imdb= 0745336

'''Amber Rothwell''' is the actress who portrayed [[Rya Kibby]] in "[[The Captain's Hand]]", an episode of the [[Battlestar Galactica (RDM)|Re-imagined Series]].

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Rothwell has been in various genre series, including ''[[w:Andromeda (TV series)|Andromeda]]'', ''[[w:Jeremiah (TV series)|Jeremiah]]'', ''[[w:Smallville (TV series)|Smallville]]'', and ''[[w:Stargate SG-1|Stargate SG-1]]''.
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Amber Rothwell
Amber Rothwell
Portrays: Rya Kibby
Date of Birth:
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Amber Rothwell is the actress who portrayed Rya Kibby in "The Captain's Hand", an episode of the Re-imagined Series.

Rothwell has been in various genre series, including Andromeda, Jeremiah, Smallville, and Stargate SG-1.