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A Flight For Life

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By Robert W. Gilmer


The Galactica detects Cylon probes designed to locate life forms wherever they may exist. All Vipers scramble to intercept the probes and they capture one and destroy the rest. Later, Boomer picks up one probe that escaped their notice - just as it enters Earth's atmosphere. Dr. Zee's analysis of the captured probe reveals that the one that lands on Earth will not survive entry into the atmosphere. However, a problem still exists - if the people of Earth find the probe and analyze it, they will have irrefutable proof of the existence of extraterrestrial beings. This will make the Colonials' assimilation into Earth's culture nearly impossible. Troy and Dillon immediately fly to Earth to find the probe.

Meanwhile, the air force detects the probe's landing and Col. Sydell is assigned to investigate. He, Major Downey and Master Sgt. Canon find the probe in a field. Before anyone can caution him, Sydell picks up the probe with his bare hands. He puts it in a recovery bag and the group heads back to base. Dillon and Troy arrive seconds later. They are too late.

On the Galactica, further analysis of the captured probe indicates that it carries a micro-organism capable of destroying everything it comes in contact with. If Troy and Dillon don't find the probe soon, every living creature on Earth could be infected.

Back on Earth, Troy and Dillon follow Sydell back to the air force base. They steal uniforms and infiltrate the base. Jamie unexpectedly shows up to interview Sydell aout a meeting he is having with the Joint Chiefs of Staff. They explain the dire situation to her and she agrees to do what she can to help. Jamie interviews Sydell and charms him into showing her the probe wihcih is stored in a small trailer. Troy and Dillon follow, and after Jamie and Sydell have left, they enter the trailer and steal the proble. Alarms sound all over the base and they are forced to steal a motorcycle and crash the gate. They race to reach their Vipers and are soon on their way back to the Galactica. After delivering the probe to Dr. Zee, he gives them the bad news that anyone who has touched the probe is a carrier of the deadly micro-organism and after thirty-six hours will become contagious. Fortunately, Dr. Zee has developed an antibiotic which will kill the micro-organism.

Troy and Dillon head back to Earth to meet Jamie. She shows them photographs of Col. Downey and Master Sgt. Canon, the two men aside from Sydell who handled the probe. They split up and plan to secretly administer the antidote to the three men. They must be cured before 7:00pm or they will become contagious.

Troy follows Canon to an airfield where he is conducting parachute maneuvers. Troy suits up with the rest of the platoon and quickly finds himself in an airplane thousands of feet up. Just before he jumps from the plane, he injects Canon with the antidote.

Meanwhile, Dillon follows Downey to a health club and injects him with the antidote when he gets close enough to him. Elsewhere, Jamie has tailed Sydell to a restaurant. She discreetly puts the antidote in his water, but he knocks it over. Sydell returns to his hotel room to rest up for the meeting with the Chiefs of Staff. Seven o'clock arrives and Sydell is now a danger to everyone. Jamie meets Dilon and Troy at the restaurant and sheepishly tells them that she has failed. The trio head to the Galactica to consult with Adama and Dr. Zee. Their only option is to bring Sydell to the Galactica for treatment.

That night, the three of them break into Sydell's hotel room and take him to the Galactica. Dr. Zee is able to filter most of the bacteria out of Sydell's blood, and a blood transfusion from Jamie gives him the neutrophils he needs to completely eradicate it. Sydell awakens momentarily and can't believe he is in outer space! Two Galactican technicians sedate him before he can get his bearings. Dr. Zee's memory deletion unit erases Sydell's memories of his experience, and Troy, Dillon, and Jamie return him to Earth.


  • If this script had been produced, it would have been better than most of the produced episodes of Galactica 1980, but not by that much.