'Graystone Foundation' Established

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'Graystone Foundation' Established is a The Caprican News article written by Sharon Edmonson. It was printed in Martius 6, YR42.


Dr. Daniel and Dr. Amanda Graystone have just announced that, from now on, all profits from the Holobands and v-world licensing will go directly to a charity. The Graystones appeared on Backtalk last week to talk try and set the record straight about their daughter Zoe and her alleged hand in the MAGLEV attack.

During the show, Daniel Graystone speculated that the V-World might, in fact, be to blame. "We thought we could control the content in V-World, especially for kids, but we've failed. Clearly, I think the temptation to hack the code is too great."

The Graystones announced the establishment of their foundation during their appearance on Backtalk. Though they seemed to come up with this idea on the spot as they talked with Sarno, this could also be a well-calculated PR move. But with Holoband sales and V-World licensing making up 60% of their net, the business strategy behind this bold move remains unclear. Graystone Industries declined to comment for this article.

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