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Sorry about the deletion. Don't know how I could have overlooked the existing article.

I blame the interface.


The interface should give a warning. However, it's not a problem as the original page has been restored.

Best to double-check before making an entry, using the SEARCH function. I'm hoping a revisied home page that includes leading Categories will soon be up and running which will make searches easier.

Review Removal

Hey buddy, I noticed that the lengthy reviews were getting taken out of the episode summaries. Might I ask what was the impetus of that decision?
--Colonial Historiographer 14:58, 26 Jan 2005 (EST)

Wikipedia has a limit of 32Kb per page, and the lengthy reviews were taking it well over that limit, and in testing pages on some browsers, truncation was taking place. Plus, the details I posted are forming the basis of a series of articles I'm working on in much greater depth (and less typos, as not in so much of a rush to get things populated!), so want to keep them off the Wiki for now to prevent clashes.

The bullet points also make easier reading, and I'll porbably move the analyses to the same format.

Finally, it puts the pages more in keeping with the original "Lurkers" approach: informative & reasonably readable.

Great! It's good to hear you're not planning on taking them down permanently. I thought they were, on the whole, quite good, so I'm interested to see where the improvements take you. Keep it up! (Don't worry about typos, they give me purpose).
-- 19:05, 26 Jan 2005 (EST)

Signing your articles

Please stop signing your contributions. It's against policy. No article or section of article belongs to any one person. Thank you. --Fang Aili 09:28, 14 September 2005 (EDT)