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I reviewed the video at the point that you cited and didn't see anything labeled like this. Whether or not it's there, it seems like much too minor a detail for its own separate page. "Razor" has been completely mined for relevant details by now. -- BlueResistance 07:55, 8 August 2015 (EDT)

I would have supplied a screenshot, would I not have been forced to create another (!) account on the media subdomain. It is definitely there, and at least as visible as the dogtag of Belzen.
Just a note: As you are an administrator, maybe, just maybe, instead of deleting faithful contributions to the oh-so-complete Battlestar-Wiki you could see to it, that this site itself gets fixed up:
Dead links everywhere (FrakMedia! e.g.), the edit fields looking damaged (\[<textricheditor>\] does not quite seem to fit the original intention, as it might be the case with the edit toolbar disappearing completely on preview) etc.pp.--Determinant 09:01, 8 August 2015 (EDT)
Even if "Ppidoo" is there in the movie and you can provide a screen grab, it seems to be far too minor a detail for its own page. True, the Wiki is far from complete, but there are much bigger gaps that can be filled. Summaries of Blood and Chrome and the last four episodes of Caprica immediately come to mind.
As to other problems on Battlestar Wiki that you mentioned, the more technical ones are above my level of administrator access, and those with sufficient access have very little contact with the Wiki these days. Red links are a different matter; whenever you encounter them, you are welcome and entirely capable of deleting them on your own, just like any contributor. I delete red links whenever I see them, but writing for and administering this wiki are hobbies--not a full-time job--and my ability to find time for them lately has been rather constrained. -- BlueResistance 09:49, 8 August 2015 (EDT)
I do not refer to red links within the Wiki itself, but dead links going outside.
Regarding Chrome and Caprica: That may be so, but this does not forbid adding "less important" content elsewhere.
I will recreate my PPDIOO page, even more so, since I found, that PPDIOO is actually a _real_ network planning and improvement process defined by Cisco. This, especially with respect to the fact, that network intrusions were the reason for the colonial demise, is more than a mere "coincidence", no? - and of some relevance to the BSG continuum.--Determinant 09:58, 8 August 2015 (EDT)
Users can edit dead links going outside just as easily.
You may be conflating the real world PPIDOO and the one in "Razor"; if it was on screen so briefly, then you don't have clear evidence of what it did in the movie. In addition, your "coincidence" point is only speculation without evidence of some sort to back it up. Something as simple as a statement from somebody involved in the production would suffice. But the bigger point here is that because something exists in both the BSG world and in the real world doesn't mean it deserves an article here. If it did, then you could just as easily have individual articles on desks, food, parents, children, and so on--and these are things that have had clearer specific relevance to the stories, the characters, and/or their situations. In other words, I'm still not convinced.
However, I'll let it stay on the wiki if you do the following in the next couple of days: 1) provide a screen grab of PPIDOO from "Razor," and 2) bring the article up to standards for general proofreading (italics, capital letters, etc.) and for Battlestar Wiki style (proper episode/movie references, relevant links, etc.). There are many examples throughout the wiki that you can use. -- BlueResistance 00:27, 10 August 2015 (EDT)
I did just that on page recreation (PPDIOO).
Again: I do not refer to red links (maybe with the exception of the red link present in the tutorial and also in the Terms of Service on the user registration form)!
Instead, I am referring to
  • Unified login not working anymore, but still effectively preventing creation of a new login on e.g. with the same credentials as on
  • dead links from the site's frame, e.g.
    • FrakMedia! Network
    • BS Pegasus
    • BSG Forum
    • Wiki Frakr
    • Our Google+ Page
  • database and/or syntax errors in subdomains:
and so forth.
Those topics should concern an administrator of a site, while assuming a "I am the one and only authorized to make content-related worthiness-decisions"-position should possibly not so much. Even on Wikipedia, and even on the German one, which is sometimes quite extreme in its stringency, administrators do not usually assume such an attitude. They especially do not just delete on their own authority.
Besides: You seem mightily convinced of the completeness of the Wiki. Maybe you might want to take a look at my further updates in the last days. Even such obvious topics as the different serial number of Saul Tigh in different places in the continuum (especially at the start of series 4) were overlooked.--Determinant 06:07, 10 August 2015 (EDT)
You ignored the other changes that I mentioned above--general proofreading (such as italicizing ship names) and Battlestar Wiki style (mainly giving a proper citation to the "Razor" movie). However, I apologize for missing the screen grab; I was expecting it to be in the page itself and not an external link.
Besides telling you that I do not have access to the kinds of technical problems your cited, I am not sure how else to convince you. Also, if you read what I wrote earlier, you would see that I never claimed that the wiki was complete--I wrote quite the opposite, in fact.
I am sorry that your view of the proper role of a wiki administrator is so different from mine, but I have been on this wiki as both a contributor and as an admin for much longer than you. Please make the rest of the necessary revisions to the PPIDOO page. You can ask me if you're not sure what needs to be done. -- BlueResistance 00:22, 12 August 2015 (EDT)

@User:BlueResistance: Please at least try to reach one of the real administrators: The site seems on the verge of going down as the other language versions already did. If the site is finally breaking/offline, all other content-related discussions would be of no significance whatsoever and the wealth of information lost.--Determinant 05:43, 12 August 2015 (EDT)