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== Zubie Review ==
<p>The waterfall of cash is what is commonly referred to as spillover. Supposedly people from above you will be placing new people in your downline so that their matrix cycles as soon as possible. The idea is that once you have a full matrix and everyone in your matrix renews his or her monthly membership, you will earn a huge residual income. In a perfect world this might be easy, in the real world I am not so sure.</p>
<p>Learning online marketing is a process that takes time and effort. There are no secrets involve,, although many will try to convince you that there are. It simply takes that four-letter word "Work". The bottom line is if you are willing to put forth a persistent consistent effort toward learning it,, you can most definitely be successful at it. After haven done so you would be able to kick butt with the program covered in this Zubie Review or any program for that matter.</p>
<p>I encourage you to check out my Zubie Review if you are considering joining this new online program that recently launched. The founders say this system will produce a waterfall of cash for its members. Lets see what they mean by that.</p>
<p>I believe after doing this Zubie Review that this is legitimate opportunity however the ease at which they suggest you can fill a 2x10 matrix is extremely exaggerated. After all that is 2046 which is one heck of a lot of people. History tells us that most people that join programs such as this never sponsor even one person. On the other hand, if you are able to put lots of people in this system you will make money. Having the ability to drive massive amounts of people to your website would drastically improve your odds of success.</p>
<p>First of all I discovered when doing this Zubie Review that your monthly investment will be $30 plus a $3 application fee on your first months membership payment. For this monthly fee you receive a massive amount of downloadable training materials. Included in this material are auto responders, e-books, viral inviters, genealogy reports, onsite social networking, chat rooms and training webinars. You will also at that point be placed in a 2x10 matrix. The concept is simply, get two and teach two. If everyone in your team does this, your matrix would cycle with a total of 2046 people and the total payout to you would be $7126.80. For each personally sponsored person you would receive $15, so with only two people you would recoup your investment. Sounds easy enough right?</p>

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