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== Child Home Safety - The Dangers Of The Door Jam ==
Child Home Safety - The Dangers Of The Door Jam<br><br>Remembering my kids as little ones, there were many bumps and scrapes that could have been avoided if only had Id had the correct child safety products to hand but child home safety is something you learn through experience - or by listening to the advice of other parents with older offspring.
One toddler needed a hospital visit to give their verdict on the damage to his crushed pinkies. Unbeknown to me as he sat in my lap gurgling happily, he had stretched out his fingers to the gap and grasped the door frame. It was such an interesting looking gap, he wanted to experience what that material felt like and so he stuck his fingers in it.
As another adult came in and closed the door, he was not prepared for such an eventuality and watched as the tips of two of his fingers disappeared between the two pieces of wood. It was a peculiar sensation for him and I was not aware of the problem until I got up to allow him to crawl on the floor, only to realise that I was restrained in some way. Which is when I realised that his fingers were jammed between the door and its frame and I tugged the handle to pull it open.
At which point, all hell was let loose as the trapped blood was suddenly allowed into the ends of those squidged digits and my little boy became aware of the downside of being an explorer - intense pain. He bawled loudly for over an hour whilst the tips of his fingers went from numb white to crushed scarlet, the indentation of the door frame clearly visible in his flesh.
Fortunately for him, after several hours in Accident and Emergency and the perusal of a nurse, junior doctor and consultant, the hospital confirmed that the tendons and bones within his finger tips were sufficiently soft and malleable to have sustained no permanent damage. Of course, by now, he was enjoying the attention and that didn't stop over the next few months as his blackened finger nail dropped off to reveal the new one growing underneath.
If only I had had a door stop to hinder the door's progress on the floor or one of those special C-shaped pieces of foam that hook over the top or edge of the door to prevent it from fully closing. But it's all very well being wise after the event, so long as you learn from the experience. He stopped putting his fingers into inviting but possibly dangerous places and I went out and bought every child safety product that was available.
Child Home Safety - you can't take it for granted.

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