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The brother lied to shift refusing hire passengers cycling a


WASHINGTON New Year's Day this year ,,, Hangzhou Taxi bicycle appraisal Rules formally implemented . As of yesterday, Hangzhou has opened two buckle 200 </ p >

the afternoon of January 17 , at half past 3 o'clock , the driver Li of Zhejiang A.T24 × × master is Qichexizhan to designate off -channel queuing . The passengers the Liu Lakaijumen , asked to go to the junction of Wen San Road,, College Ego Digital Plaza ,, did not think Master Li has flatly refused , and soon to shift , do not give a lift . </ p >

passengers on the spot on the complaint to the transport control department . By the Municipal Transportation Authority , Xihu District,,, at the law enforcement officers investigating the shift of the car registration location for the North Bus Station ,, the time At 17 o'clock sharp ,,, and refused to passengers not to shift time ,, and even if the shift time the destination of the passengers is reasonable in the same direction routes . So finds that Master Li is without any justifiable reason for refusing hire . < / p>

want to shift as an excuse to pick the foot business Master Li , the end of the IC buckle 20 points,, bicycle assessment deducted 200 points , the punishment of a fine of 300 yuan . < / p>

while the other one the brother of Master Wu is by bicycle with a passenger -pass assessment deducted 200 points , driver IC buckle 20 points ,, severe penalties such as administrative fine of $ 300 .