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contributions to Battlestar Wiki | Individual edit counter of Battlestar Wiki
CylonU87's Biography

I am a late entrant into the awesome world of Battlestar Galactica. (Hey, isn't it better to be late than never). I am an avid fan of Sci-fi. Have a great collection of Sci-fi Movies, Series, Books, Novels, Comics and other cool stuff.

User Page Design

My userpage design was originally made by Shane, and I just copied it like everyone else.

Working On
__ Transcribe podcasts from the Caprica series.
__ Finish the episode summaries for the Caprica series.
Favorite Quotes
"Can they really be that different from one another? Commander, if you're asking me if it's possible that your judgement's been clouded by your history with this particular Cylon model, well, I'd have to say yes. But... we created them. There's always a chance we might find common ground."

--Laura Roslin (Flight of the Phoenix)

Quick Biography
This user is away
Name CylonU87
Date of birth , Earth Year 1987
Age 24
Location Caprica City
Country Earth 
Timezone UTC +4:00
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Callsign U-87
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SOK-Pip.png Star of Kobol
CylonU87 is a Chief
CylonU87 is a Senior Chief
CylonU87 supported the 2007 WGA strike.

See also

My Contributions: [[Special:Editcount/CylonU87|Special:Editcount/CylonU87 Edits]]


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