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Tory Foster
Tory Foster


Tory Foster
Colony Caprica (likely)
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Introduced The Captain's Hand
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Portrayed by Rekha Sharma
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Tory Foster becomes President Laura Roslin's new aide and campaign manager following the death of Billy Keikeya. Prior to the Cylon attack, she was precinct captain for the Federalist Party in Delphi for five years, where she became proficient at taking polls (The Captain's Hand).

When President Roslin makes the decision to keep the new-born Cylon/human baby as far away from Sharon Agathon and the Cylons as possible, Tory creates a list of hand picked civilians who could be trusted with the baby. In the end a civilian named Maya is selected to take custody of the child. Tory makes it very clear that the child's mother's identity must remain a secret (Downloaded).

Tory later conspires with Saul Tigh and Anastasia Dualla to rig the Presidential election in Roslin's favor. The ruse is uncovered and suppressed by Admiral Adama and Lieutenant Gaeta (Lay Down Your Burdens, Part II). During the occupation of New Caprica, Foster aides Roslin in compiling a list of humans who are in collusion with the Cylons. Roslin makes her responsible for ensuring the safe transport of Maya and Hera off the planet, but she fails at this task. Maya is killed trying to escape New Caprica with the child. Hera survives but is found by the Cylons ("Occupation", "Exodus, Part I & II").

Presidential Aide.

Before and during the trial of ex-president Gaius Baltar, she is tasked with helping Roslin assemble a tribunal to bring charges against Baltar, as well as establish security arrangements ("The Woman King", "The Son Also Rises", "Crossroads, Part I"). She demonstrates an unwillingness to aid Romo Lampkin's defense case through initially stonewalling Lampkin's attempts to gain access to records on Colonial One (The Son Also Rises).

Some time after the death of Kara Thrace (Maelstrom), Foster began a sexual relationship with Thrace's widowed husband, Samuel Anders. Roslin apparently learns of the relationship and is displeased (Crossroads, Part II). At the beginning of Baltar's trial, Foster begins to show signs of stress, possibly originating from a strange noise which she hears as the Fleet moves towards the Ionian nebula. Her lack of sleep and stress levels results in a damaging outburst to the press corps during the press conference at which Roslin discusses the return of her cancer. Roslin confronts Foster after this, threatening to replace her if she does not get back on her game (Crossroads, Part I). When the Fleet reaches the nebula, Foster (on Galactica) is drawn to Saul Tigh, Galen Tyrol, and Samuel Anders, who also hear the now-coherent melody. Despite each of them realizing that they are Cylons, Foster and the others re-commit themselves to the Colonial cause. Foster returns to CIC and stands by Roslin, ready to aid (Crossroads, Part II).

The four newly revealed Cylons try to keep their nature hidden from those around them, while trying to come to terms it. When they brainstorm ideas about the still-missing final Cylon, Colonel Tigh suggests that Foster flirt with Gaius Baltar to gain access to the knowledge he acquired while living among the Cylons. Although initially repulsed at the idea, she speaks to Baltar and is slightly captivated when he explains how he sees his new role as religious figure. Although at first she cries when eventually sleeping with him, she is further charmed when Baltar tells her that he thinks Cylons are people with feelings too (Six of One).

Foster also tries to hit on Galen Tyrol, who rebuffs her advances but is suspected of having an affair by his wife. After one of their clandestine meetings, Foster notices an open wall covering, and concludes that they have been overheard by Cally Tyrol, who must have found a note by Tigh to her husband. Not longer after that, she follows Cally to a Viper launch tube where Cally is about to kill herself and her son by expelling them out of the tube into space. Foster confronts Cally and explains that they only recently found out they were Cylons, and that they are still the same people, as scared and confused as everyone else. Foster comforts Cally and takes Nicky in her arms, then suddenly strikes Cally, knocking her down to the deck and putting her in a daze. She retrieves the launch tube key, exits the launch tube with Nicky in her arms, uses the key to activate the launch controls, and opens the outer airlock door, sending Cally to her death in open space (The Ties That Bind).

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