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Quote of the day.

Why was the quote of the day section removed from the main page. That was one awesome section which automatically updated daily, and gave us some kind of dynamism in the main page. It would be really nice if that could be added back. I don't have rights to edit the main page. So, some one with rights should do it. -- CylonU87 05:32, 23 February 2012 (EST)



     Are You A Kind Of Person Who Loves To Get His/Her Hands Dirty? Are You 'Mechanically Inclined'? Do You Think You Can Be A 'Miracle Worker'? Can You Lead 'Deck Apes'? Then, The GUNSTAR TRIREME Has Need Of A Chief Engineering Officer!
The Next Ship Of The BFC Fleet Needs A Chief Tyrol Type To Make Sure The Systems On The Trireme Are Purring Like A Kitten! This Person Will Have A Position Of Importance On The First Gunstar Chapter Of The BFC! He/She Will Be In Fourth In Command Of A Ship That Will Be Part Of The New Raven Battle Group.
 Not Only Will This Person Keep The Engines In Top Shape, But Will Also Be In Charge Of Maintenance Of Small Craft, Environmental Systems, And Damage Control(And, The Occasional Clogged Drain!).
 So, If You Think You Can Be Part Of The Most IMPORTANT Section Of Any Ship, If You Can Lead,And Teach, And, If You Have A Certain Dispostion, Then We Want To Talk To YOU!
Request An Interview For This Command Staff Position At

And, Here's Where To Enlist: