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(Unrealistic Transfers)
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==Unrealistic Transfers==
I added this text regarding the notion of Gaeta or Tyrol being transferred between Galactica and Valkyrie with Adama back to the article, after [[User:Fredmdbud|Fredmdbud]] removed it:
:''This scenario is highly unrealistic, however...''
While I readily admit that the content is subjective, I think in its given context and purpose (that is, debunking attempts at fanwanking the discontinuity by altering Gaeta and Tyrol's established histories), it's an important statement. Part of the reason we adopted this analysis in the first place was to avoid the accumulation of fancruft at both the [[Felix Gaeta]] and [[Galen Tyrol]] articles (see [[Talk:Timeline (RDM)#"Hero" Timeline Issues, revisited]]. I feel that to that end, the statement should be allowed to stand. --[[User:Peter Farago|Peter Farago]] 20:57, 6 February 2008 (CST)
::Indeed, it is also possible to create a situation of anti-fanwanking, which is to categorically rule out *plausible* scenarios.  Is it unheard of for the guy/gal at the top to "bring along" trusted and key people wherever he or she goes?  How long has Tigh served as right-hand man to Adama?  Cain and Belzen had known each other and worked together for years.  And sometimes its less useful to try to intuit, infer, or out-of-hand dismiss inconsistencies as contrary to what *must* be correct, than to just document and note the inconsistencies and errors, which may or may not be addressed by the ultimate authorities -- the show and its writers.  Sometimes the thing is what it is ... and we are along for the ride.-- [[User:Fredmdbud|Fredmdbud]] 21:13, 6 February 2008 (CST)

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