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(Added some changes to noteworthy dialogue, and summary.)
(DVD audio commentary: Actually it's done, and he doesn't mention it, so never mind)
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== Added some changes to noteworthy dialogue, and summary. ==
I fleshed out the summary to cover Bulldog's mention of a Cylon sickness (whether real or faked,) and some more detail on Adama's understanding of how he supposedly provoked the Cylons.
I also added a part of Tigh's speech to Novacek, as it gives some insight on his persistent malaise, and Adama's quip when asked about the medal, partly for humour value and partly because it sums up his attitude to the whole affair.
* can it be that Adame commandes the Battlestar Valkyrie just for this one mission?
If he does it would be no continuity error. And he said in the briefing, that he needs HIS man.

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