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On a few different websites it's just assumed that President Roslin/Adar are both from Caprica. Plus, I put speculative so people know it's not definitive. Furthermore, the site when describing notable persons on Gemenon Tigh and Ellen are both speculative members. WHat's the problem if it's not 100%?

I'm a big fan of speculation, and have posted my share of it, but I try not to do so without at least some form of evidence. Has Roslin made any comment indicating she once lived there? If not, the only basis for assumption is that Caprica City is the capital of the Twelve Colonies in general, but this means nothing - how many U.N. Secretary generals have been from New York City, or even the United States? Saying that "most people think" Roslin was from Caprica is not very useful, unless we also say why.
As for the Gemenon article, I'm going to go and remove those references as well and move them to the talk page. --Peter Farago 19:25, 11 Aug 2005 (EDT)