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Revision as of 16:53, 20 July 2007 by Mokwella (talk | contribs) (Better picture?)

Better picture?

Screen captures of Galactica 1980 are (mercifully) all that we have right now, but can anyone get a clearer capture? --Spencerian 08:11, 13 April 2007 (CDT)

I think I may have that one Tivo'd. If so, I can try to get a screen capture myself. --Steelviper 08:55, 13 April 2007 (CDT)
As I recall, the best screencap should be the one where she is standing outside of Starbuck's makeshift encampment. -- Joe Beaudoin So say we all - Donate 09:57, 13 April 2007 (CDT)
Put up a new Ang pic Mokwella 18:53, 20 July 2007 (CDT)