Season 2 (2005-06)

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After discovering Kobol, the arrest of Laura Roslin, and the attempted assassination of Commander Adama, the Fleet finds itself thrust in more peril they they originally imagined.

Pivotal Plot Points

To be determined.




Production Crew



Writing Staff


Season 2 (2005-06)

  • 2.01: TBA
  • 2.02: TBA
  • 2.03: TBA
  • 2.04: TBA
  • 2.05: TBA
  • 2.06: TBA
  • 2.07: TBA
  • 2.08: TBA
  • 2.09: TBA
  • 2.10: TBA
  • 2.11: TBA
  • 2.12: TBA
  • 2.13: TBA
  • 2.14: TBA
  • 2.15: TBA
  • 2.16: TBA
  • 2.17: TBA
  • 2.18: TBA
  • 2.19: TBA
  • 2.20: TBA

Official Statements

  • "Please do something about the consumables questions; fuel, food, ammo, clothing etc., where is this stuff coming from?"
Water is addressed in... uh, "Water." Fuel is addressed in "Hand of God". Other consumables will be addressed in the second season. --

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

  • Regarding Second Season Renewal
So it's official: we're doing a second season.
To say that this is happy news is to indulge in a display of understatement. The road to television success is a long one, littered with various hurdles, all of which must be vaulted: the studio pitch session, the network pitch, the story outline, the first draft script, the second draft script, the green-light to produce the pilot, casting the pilot, making the pilot, ordering the series, producing the series, getting the reviews, getting an audience, and then.... getting a second season. We've managed to clear that hurdle and it feels frakking good.
We've been working on the first six episodes for a couple of months now and we're gearing up to prep them for filming, probably in late March. Season Two will be heavily influenced by the end of Season One, so it's hard to get into anything remotely specific until the last episode has aired in the US. I could say... well... er... not much. --

From RDM's Sci-Fi Channel Blog

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