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David Weddle" valign="top"
An episode of the Re-imagined Series
Episode No. Season 4, Episode 10
Writer(s) Bradley Thompson

David Weddle

Story by
Director Michael Rymer
Assistant Director
Special guest(s)
Production No. 412
Nielsen Rating
US airdate USA 13 June 2008
CAN airdate CAN 13 June 2008
UK airdate UK 17 June 2008
DVD release
Population 39,663 survivors
Extended Info Mid-Season Cliffhanger
Episode Chronology
Previous Next
The Hub Revelations Sometimes a Great Notion
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Lead by Number Three, the band of rebel Cylons hold President Roslin and Galactica's pilots hostage while attempting to lure the "Watchtower Four" out of hiding. Meanwhile, Kara Thrace's Viper may hold a previously undiscovered clue to finding Earth.



Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Act 4


  • This episode is the mid-season cliffhanger for the first ten episodes of Season 4. The conclusion to the cliffhanger, "Sometimes a Great Notion", will not air until 2009.
  • The episode was given an advance screening in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 11th, in order to draw attention for the upcoming Emmy Award nominations. [1]
  • Hoshi is mentioned in this episode, but remains unseen or unheard.



  • Is Number Three honest in her claim that there are only four of the Final Five in the Fleet? If so, where is the fifth and last Cylon? If she's lying, is it because she still harbors distrust for her compatriots and the humans?
  • What of the other Twos, Fours, and Fives?
  • What happened to Earth?
  • Will the other Cylons find the Fleet and the rebels, as well as Earth? If so, will they finish what they started?

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