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{{Character Data
{{Character Data
|title= ? Redford
|birthname= ? Redford
|seen= Dirty Hands
|seen= Dirty Hands
|role= Deckhand
|role= [[Deckhand]]
|actor=[[Wesley Salter]]
'''Redford''' is a deckhand aboard ''Galactica'' ([[Dirty Hands]]).
'''Redford''' is a [[deckhand]] aboard ''[[Galactica (RDM)|Galactica]]'' ([[Dirty Hands]]).
[[Category:A to Z|Redford]]
[[Category:Characters (RDM)|Redford]]
[[Category:One-Shot Characters (RDM)]]

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Age {{{age}}}
Colony {{{colony}}}
Birth place {{{birthplace}}}
Birth Name ? Redford
Birth Date {{{birthdate}}}
Callsign {{{callsign}}}
Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Introduced Dirty Hands
Death {{{death}}}
Parents {{{parents}}}
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Family Tree View
Role Deckhand
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Portrayed by Wesley Salter
Redford is a Cylon
Redford is a Final Five Cylon
Redford is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Redford is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Redford in the separate continuity
Redford in the primary continuity

Redford is a deckhand aboard Galactica (Dirty Hands).