Number Four

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Number Four
Number Four

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"Number Four"[1], also referred to by his human name Simon, is a humanoid Cylon that speaks calmly and purposefully, and tends to use logic as a means for his operation or resolving issues (Torn), and is not as religious as his counterparts[2]. This model appears to be the medical specialist of the Cylons ("The Farm", "Six of One"). He is also the only model out of the seven that was not a known infiltrator in the Fleet.

Known Copies

This model is first seen in a doctor role, calling himself "Simon", who cares for Kara Thrace after she is shot in a Cylon ambush (The Farm).

Simon tries to casually persuade Thrace into bearing children but is unsuccessful. When his diplomatic efforts fail, he surgically explores her ovaries without Thrace's permission, either partially removing an ovary or its eggs. On orders from a copy of Number Six, Four arranges a time to surgically remove Thrace's ovaries. Before Simon can sedate her again and remove her ovaries, Thrace's suspicion that he is a Cylon is confirmed. In conversation he uses her call sign, which she never mentioned in his presence. Thrace kills him and escapes from the farm.

Another copy of Four is seen just as Thrace exits the building, a more well-kept copy in a dark business suit who greets Thrace just as she reaches the outside of the compound. Before he can speak further, members of the Resistance immediately kill him as they storm the Farm to liberate Thrace.

Number Four on New Caprica

At least one other copy is seen on Cylon-occupied Caprica (Downloaded).

A Four is present in President Baltar's office during the Battle of New Caprica (Exodus, Part II).

One Four, assigned as part of one basestar's command crew that witnesses a sister basestar's plight, determines that a decision to rescue the infected basestar cannot be reached scientifically (Torn).

A Four captured on the infected basestar near the Lion's Head Nebula is interrogated on Galactica. He reveals information about the ship and the Cylons' motives for abandoning it, in exchange for a cure promised by the humans. However, there is no cure, only a treatment. This Four is permanently killed when Karl Agathon sabotages the environmental control system, killing the Cylon prisoners to stop them from being used as biological weapons (A Measure of Salvation).

A Four is shown performing a lobotomy on a Raider, which this model votes for. At least two of these models are slain by Centurions, along with two Fives and a One (Six of One). The Fours fall under Cavil's banner in the Cylon Civil War.


  • Actor Rick Worthy doesn't actually appear in "Downloaded" and is uncredited: briefly during the cafe scene, we see another bald black man from behind, and we see him walking by in some of the outdoor scenes in the background. It is clearly implied to be Simon, however he is not credited and RDM stated in the podcast that it was just an extra standing in for him.
  • Simon was the first new humanoid Cylon model revealed after the Miniseries, and then brought the total number of known models to five.


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