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===Season 1.0===
===Season 1.0===
*[[Caprica pilot|Pilot]]
*1.01 [[Caprica pilot|Pilot]]
*1.02 [[Rebirth]]
*[[The Reins of a Waterfall]]
*1.03 [[The Reins of a Waterfall]]
*1.04 [[Gravedancing]]
*[[There is Another Sky]]
*1.05 [[There is Another Sky]]
*[[Know Thy Enemy]]
*1.06 [[Know Thy Enemy]]
*[[The Imperfections of Memory]]
*1.07 [[The Imperfections of Memory]]
*[[Ghosts in the Machine]]
*1.08 [[Ghosts in the Machine]]
*[[End of Line]]
*1.09 [[End of Line]]
===Season 1.5===
===Season 1.5===
* [[Unvanquished]]
*1.10  [[Unvanquished]]
* [[Retribution]]
*1.11  [[Retribution]]
* [[Things We Lock Away]]
*1.12  [[Things We Lock Away]]
* [[False Labor]]
*1.13  [[False Labor]]
* [[Blowback]]
*1.14  [[Blowback]]
* [[The Dirteaters]]
*1.15  [[The Dirteaters]]
* [[The Heavens Will Rise]]
*1.16  [[The Heavens Will Rise]]
* [[Here Be Dragons]]
*1.17  [[Here Be Dragons]]
* [[Apotheosis (episode)|Apotheosis]]
*1.18  [[Apotheosis (episode)|Apotheosis]]
== TV Documentaries / Specials ==
== TV Documentaries / Specials ==

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The following are the listings of all episodes of Battlestar Galactica. Click on one to see (and possibly edit) the guide for that episode.

The Original Series

Galactica 1980

The Re-imagined Series

A complete listing along with summaries can be found on the Battlestar Galactica Episode Guide Portal.


Season 1

Season 2

The Resistance

A web-based series bridging seasons 2 and 3.

Season 3

Season 4.0

The Face of the Enemy

A series of webisodes to bridge the gap between the two halves of Season 4, focusing on Felix Gaeta and an Eight.

Season 4.5

Note: Counting "Razor" as one episode and the 3 hour finale[1] as two, the season will be 22 episodes in length. Please note that the production numbers differ slightly from our numbering system, i.e. 4.00/"Razor" are production numbers 401 and 402, 4.01 "He That Believeth In Me" is production number 403, etc.

The Plan

A movie set during the events of the Miniseries and Season 2 as seen from the Cylons' perspective.

Extended episodes

The following episodes also exist in extended versions that were not originally broadcast on television, having been cut for time. They later appeared on some (but not all) of the show's various DVD and Blu-ray releases.


Season 1.0

Season 1.5

TV Documentaries / Specials

See also