List of Raptors

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Raptors preparing for battle at New Caprica.

This is a listing of Raptors that have been featured during the run of the Re-imagined Series. This list does not include any Raptors featured in any of the separate continuity sources.


Designation Last Seen Notes
Raptor 1 Home, Part II A Galactica Raptor that crashlands on Kobol after its interdiction by the Cylons in orbit.
Raptor 2 Fragged A Galactica Raptor. This may be the same as Raptor 275, which has this name (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part I). However, another Raptor mentioned in "Fragged" may have this designation.
Raptor 124 The Passage Galactica Raptor piloted by Captain Louanne "Kat" Katraine as it escorts civilian ships through a radiation-heavy star cluster, sustaining severe damage in the process. However, on the final flight, Katraine manages to guide the Faru Sadin through the star cluster after temporarily losing the ship; however, by waiting for it, she receives a fatal dose of radiation.
Raptor 129 Black Market Galactica Raptor that is used to shuttle personnel, including Captain Lee Adama, between Cloud 9 and Galactica.
Raptor 179 Razor Raptor that ferries Kendra Shaw to Pegasus after she's assigned there by the Colonial Ministry of Defense.
Raptor 275 Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II Galactica Raptor that is dispatched to Kobol as part of a three-raptor scout party with the designation "Raptor 2". Of the three, it alone survives to report the presence of a newly arrived Cylon basestar in Kobol's orbit.
Raptor 307 Exodus, Part II Likely piloted by Lt. Margaret "Racetrack" Edmondson, 307 launches drones to simulate both Galactica and Pegasus during the Battle of New Caprica.
Raptor 312 Flight of the Phoenix Galactica Raptor that Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Karl "Helo" Agathon fly during the Cylon attack.
Raptor 478 Flight of the Phoenix (mentioned) Sharon "Boomer" Valerii and Alex "Crashdown" Quartararo's Raptor during Season 1.
Raptor 719 Flesh and Bone A Galactica Raptor that ferries Lt. Kara Thrace to the Gemenon Traveller where a copy of Leoben Conoy is held.
Raptor 861 Pegasus A Pegasus Raptor that ferries Admiral Helena Cain, Colonel Jack Fisk and Captain Cole "Stinger" Taylor to Galactica, where they meet with President Laura Roslin, Commander William Adama, and his crew (Pegasus).
Raptor 923 Pegasus A Pegasus Raptor that ferries the body of Lt. Alastair Thorne to Pegasus, along with Thorne's murderers, Karl Agathon and Galen Tyrol, who are slated for execution.


Designation Cause of Destruction Last Seen Notes
Raptor 3 Collision with a Cylon Raider above Kobol Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II See the Raptor's article.
Raptor 612 FTL jump into a Caprican mountain during the SAR operation for the Caprica Resistance Lay Down Your Burdens, Part I One of 20 Raptors on SAR to Caprica. According to Karl Agathon, 612 is piloted by Tough Guy and Carousel, who died in the final jump.


Designation Cause of Destruction Last Seen
Raptor 305 Cannibalized for parts for SAR mission to Kobol Fragged



Designation Damage Status Last Seen
Raptor 314 Attacked by Cylon forces, crew killed Abandoned during the Battle of the Binary Star System The Captain's Hand
Raptor 718 Attacked by Cylon forces, crew killed Abandoned during the Battle of the Binary Star System The Captain's Hand
Unknown #1 (Racetrack and Skull's Raptor) Technical failure due to negligence of Galen Tyrol Heavily damaged Escape Velocity
Unknown #2 (Eammon Pike's Raptor) Damage incurred during the Battle of the Resurrection Hub Recovered by Galactica crew, presumably repaired "Sine Qua Non", "The Hub"