List of Deleted Scenes (TOS)

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For the deleted scenes in the Re-Imagined Series, see List of Deleted Scenes (RDM).

This list is fairly self-explanatory; these are deleted scenes that never made the final cut of the episode for any number of reasons.

Unless otherwise noted, all deleted scenes are from the Region 1 DVD set.

Saga of a Star World

  • This is the longer (or possibly alternate) version Starbuck's pyramid game in the Officer's Quarters prior to the klaxon. Starbuck is playing against a Gemonese man, who calls and raises Starbuck. A shirtless Boomer pulls Starbuck away from the table to confer with a shirtless Jolly and Greenbean, who bring up their concerns about the Gemonese man's ability to play the game expertly; Starbuck believes that the Gemonese officer is inexperienced in the game and convinces the pilots that the Gemonese man is simply trying to "buy the pot". For the "glory of Caprica", the three prideful pilots furnish Starbuck with additional cubits. Starbuck returns to the table, dumps his wager, and reveals his cards–the Gemonese man does the same, and wins. After collecting the pot, the Gemonese man throws a cubit towards Starbuck. Starbuck's response is "Thanks."
    • Several pieces of information come from this scene, including:
      • Jolly, Boomer and Greenbean are from Caprica, since Caprica's honor is at stake and they seem to be prideful of it.
      • The Gemonese man has a modified version of the Galactica patch with a large embroidered diamond in the middle.
      • Starbuck's comment to Cassiopeia on how the Gemonese make excellent card players has better context, due to the Gemonese man winning the pot.
  • Apparently the full scene where Zac tries to convince Starbuck that he should take his place on the patrol, so that he can prove that he's a Warrior. The only major difference is that Starbuck claims his stomach is upset, likely because of all the cigars he smokes. (The term "fumarello" is not used in the scene, but "cigar".)
  • As they're waking out of the pilot's bunk, Zac asks Apollo how he drew the patrol. Apollo claims that "they'd be turning all us warriors out to leisuron once the armistice is signed" and that he wanted "just one last bite of a mission". Zac asks whether or not anyone would want to be stuck with him on his first patrol, Apollo makes note of Zac's high marks at the academy that even outshined Adama's marks.
    • The term "leisuron" is used in place of vacation or leave of absence, though the term used in the series for pilots is "furlon". However, leisuron may also be another word for vacation.
    • According to Apollo, Zac "came through with the highest marks in the history of the academy, when that includes the commander-in-chief it's downright embarrasing, even if it's his own son". This may explain his rank of lieutenant, despite his lack of experience.
  • After President Adar makes his toast before the Quorum of Twelve, Baltar objects, claiming that they should toast to the president himself who "has for the first time brought together the dissodant races of mankind together, to speak as one before the Alliance".
    • This deleted scene gives indication as to the relationship between the Colonies prior to their destruction. Judging by Baltar's comments, the relationships between Colonies was not as united as it seemed throughout the series' run.
  • An extended scene (without audio) where Zac tries to make it back to the Fleet. One unique effects shot has Zac's Viper approaching Galactica from the aft, and summarily being destroyed just short of the starboard docking bay.
  • An extended scene where Serina hears the noise of the Raiders, whereafter an explosion occurs. Serina walks off camera, indicating that she is going to investigate the explosion, which likely bridges the scene where Serina is seen in the wide walkway (with the pyramids in the background).
  • Boxey is running with the daggit, whom he calls "Peanuts" (although it's the same dog that plays Muffit, though this might be the dogs real name and the dialogue might have been redubbed later on). They are playfully running through an area near the Caprica Presidium.
  • Serina is screaming for Boxey, and runs toward the camera after seeing Boxey off screen.
  • On the Gemini, Boomer, Starbuck, and Apollo walk through the living area on the freighter. Apollo explains that they are doing a survey of people and their skill levels so that they can be put to work to help one another. This scene occurs up to the point where they encounter the hurt elderly Gemonese man and Cassiopeia.
  • Starbuck is attempting to get the name of the elderly Gemonese couple they encounter on the Gemini. Starbuck asks Boomer to translate, but Cassiopeia offers to help, though Starbuck tells her that she'll be busy herself telling him her information, and asks again for Boomer's help. Boomer approaches the old man while Starbuck approaches Cassiopeia, explaining that the questions are to help the Life Center be ready for them when they dock.
  • Cassiopeia finishes telling Starbuck about the Otori Sect. After this, he tells her that he has headaches due to the stress, to which she replies that he should "make an appointment". Starbuck replies that he just may do that.
  • Athena hugs Adama in Core Command during a red alert, likely after they exit the Straits of Madagon.
  • An alternate scene where Adama talks to Athena about his experience on the Colonies. Marked differences include "tickets to a raffle" instead of "tickets to a lottery". Athena goes on to explain that if it wasn't for him, they would be dead right now. Adama then talks about "handing off the scepter to the young" when the "spirit of the young transcends the wisdom of the old". He then reflects that Athena is as beautiful as her mother. He also states that he believes that there are others better equipped to lead and for that reason he was grateful.
  • Adama talks to Tigh about submitting his resignation to the newly elected Council of Twelve. Tigh says that they should talk, though Adama assures him that his mind is made up on the matter.
  • Apollo confronts Adama on his decision to resign, claiming that "it's treasonous to even consider stepping down" as commander. Athena defends her father, claiming that Apollo has the "mind of a mechanical drone programmed only to fight". As Athena voices her opinion, Adama says that he doesn't want what's left of the family to be torn apart, and says that he is perfectly capable of defending his own actions. Apollo counters that Adama is incapable of defending his own actions by his measure:
    Adama: What is your measure? What heartbeat guides you in telling one man that he must die, while another may live?
    Apollo: Could any man have done better? Or been fair? Did you succumb to influence, or politics, or whimsy? Didn't you do the best you could?
    Adama: (beat) Yes... yes. But for the first time, it isn't enough to know that I did my best. I will sleep only when I know that I'll never have to face that agony again.
    Apollo: That, commander, is cowardice.
  • Apollo then leaves, with Athena trying to convince her father that he is no coward. Adama considers the possibility that he is "for not speaking out soon enough" in order to avoid the destruction of the Colonies. (Referring to his earlier conversation with Adar about his distrust of the Cylons and their peace proposal through the treacherous Baltar.) When Athena asks him who he thinks is better suited to lead, he only replies that there had better be someone else, or "we're doomed".
  • Adama presents his resignation to the Council. Sire Anton says that the resignation is nonsense and that they need his leadership, particularly now. Uri objects, claiming that Adama knows his ability to lead better than the rest and blames Adama for the food and fuel issues. Anton counters that Uri's comments are hypocritical, in light that Uri himself is being brought up on charges of hording supplies. Adama ends the argument by saying the sparring is not in their best interest; Anton then redirects their attention to debating on a plan for their survival.
  • A Cylon Centurion asks the Imperious Leader about what to do with the survivors. The Imperious Leader commands that once the Centurion is satisfied that they have told them everything they know, the survivors are to be brought before the other Cylons, so they may have the "privilege" of seeing the Colonial survivors beheaded publicly.
  • Adama is summoned to a meeting of the Council, which has already assembled. Sire Uri proposes that they appeal to the justice and mercy of the Cylons. Adama is in disbelief, reminding the council that they Cylons have told them that they will not stop until every human had been exterminated.
  • Starbuck's attempt to weasel out of the Straits of Madagon mission include a request for permission to use sick leave, which Apollo denies.
  • Doctor Paye greets Serina and Apollo in the Life Station, complimenting Serina and claiming to be a fan of her broadcast work. Apollo ducks out to visit his father in the "core center", kissing Serina before he leaves. She points out that if she had anything contagious, he has it too now. Apollo says he's willing to share anything she has. Paye asks if he detects a blossoming romance at the core of the Fleet, and Serina says that though she can only speak for herself, it runs deep. Describing her medical symptoms, Serina says she has a general weakness, a lack of sensation in the fingertips, and a lightness of head. When she asks if anybody else has had similar complaints Paye appears to be covering up considerable concern.
  • Paye says there have been several other cases with the same symptoms. Paye has an idea what the problem is. He asks Serina if she is aware of the problem with the food brought from home. Serina replies that the Cylons had been intermixing some sort of neutron weapon with their explosives and it contaminated the food. Paye says that it broke down the cellular structure. He says that it is also happening to people. It has only happened to a few people who had been exposed to that weapon. The illness progresses with a gradual loss of strength. His experience with the illness is limited, but so far all of the affected people have died. He offers to alert Apollo, but Serina asks him not to tell anyone. Paye estimates that she has a few days left at most. They walk down the corridor together and he comforts her silently.
  • The Imperious Leader gives his speech thanking Baltar for his service, then has a Centurion kill him, cutting his neck while another Centurion holds his head up. Baltar lets out a scream as the sword nears his neck.
  • Another shot of the execution scene, shot from behind the Imperious Leader. From this angle the sword looks like it actually strikes Baltar.
  • Another shot of the execution scene, shot from behind the Imperious Leader but tighter in on Baltar and the Centurions. It is more apparent in this shot that the cut stops short.
  • Yet another shot of the execution scene, shot from behind the Imperious Leader, but zoomed in on Baltar, showing only the arm of the Centurion holding his head up and the sword coming in to strike.
  • Another shot of the execution scene with the camera directly in front of Baltar. Once again only the arm of the Centurion and the sword striking are visible. This time, as the sword strikes the camera pans away quickly to black as Baltar finishes his scream.
  • The Imperious Leader tells a Centurion that it has been seven centons since any report of the humans. The Leader asks if the Centurion has anything to report regarding them, but the Centurion replies that nothing has been seen or heard of them. The Imperious Leader believes that their provisions will sooner or later force them to land with the Cylon's star system, and the Cylons will be watching, listening, and waiting.
  • In the landram down on Carillon, Apollo explains that they won't be able to stop at any planet for too long. Boxey doesn't understand why they had to leave in the first place. Apollo explains that there are, and have always been, living beings who cannot accept anything they don't understand, anything different. Boxey asks if Apollo means they're stupid, and Apollo guesses that by their standards they are. He asks how it can be anything but stupid to kill what you don't understand. Boxey asks why they don't kill them back. Apollo says that that would be changing themselves to be like them. He says that the Colonials don't believe in war, "but the opposite of war is not necessarily peace." What the Colonials want is freedom. The right to be left alone. But there's always a chance someone will come along and spoil everything. Boxey asks then if you kill them. Apollo, exasperated, points out that Boxey has a way of reducing everything to very simple terms. Apollo does finally agree that maybe it comes down to life or death, but life is precious and nobody has the right to tamper with another's without running the risk of forfeiting their own. Apollo claims the conversation is getting too deep for a boy his age, but Boxey points out that you can die at any age.
  • In the scene where Muffit escapes with Boxey in pursuit, Jolly exits the the landram but appears to have some difficulties (various clanging and rustling sounds are heard). Apollo and Serina laugh (/break character).
  • Boxey is looking for Muffit when two Ovions approach from behind. One covers his mouth while both of them put a hand on his shoulder. They appear to converse, their insectoid pincers moving rapidly.
  • The two Ovions and a calm Boxey exit an underground elevator. One of the Ovions is waddling awkwardly (in an apparent effort to make its second set of arms move more). Barking is heard off-camera, and Boxey yells for Muffit, breaking away from the Ovions and running back down the hallway towards the sound. Muffit is in the room with the Ovion queen. Boxey runs in and hugs Muffit. The Ovions follow shortly, moving to grab him. The Queen orders (in English) to leave him. She says that it is a curious group, but they will do nicely. She tells the Ovions to take them to a cell and prepare for the others as quickly as possible. The Ovions shoo Boxey and Muffit out of the Queen's chamber and a door closes behind them.
  • Same as above, but with a darker corridor, as well as more detail work on the costumes and the set.
  • An Ovion leads Apollo into the queen's chamber. This shot as the more ornate set, with an Ovion playing on some sort of a harp. The queen (in English) welcomes Apollo to Carillon, asking if he is impressed. Apollo claims to be more confused. He explains they they lost a little boy. The queen replies that he is safe, asking if they wish to join him. Apollo says that they would. The queen rises and approaches them.
  • Seetol approaches a Centurion in an underground area, reporting that "by your command" the Colonials have only been allowed to land a few of their warriors on the surface. The Centurion claims that will change. The Ovion says that the Centurion is most gracious and that "we live to serve you." The Centurion steps over to a glass orb, and an image of a lizardlike Imperious Leader appears in the orb. The Centurion identifies himself as the garrison leader on the planet Carillon. The Centurion reports that the humans have arrived and fallen pry to the lord of Ovion. The Imperious Leader informs the Centurion that the supreme star force stationed at Borallus has been dispatched to annihilate the survivors. The Imperious Leaders orders the Centurion to ensure that the Colonial military defenses are rendered impotent. The Imperious Leader's image fades from the orb.
  • Apollo and Serina are on the transport en route to the award ceremony. Apollo asks Serina if she is feeling better, to which she claims she is fine. Looking at Serina, Apollo claims to finally understand what the poets are talking about. Serina asks Apollo to write her a poem. Apollo claims that she doesn't know what she is asking, but she claims it will mean more to her than he'd know. She kisses his cheek, promising to do better in private. Apollo then notices the man wearing a Blue Squadron insignia.
  • In the chancery Serina has a bit of a spell. Apollo asks if she is alright, and she claims that it's just everything that happened starting to catch up with her. Apollo tries to take her back to the guest quarters, but she doesn't want to spoil a beautiful evening. She wants to sit at one of the tables. Apollo then asks why they don't go win a fortune. Serina agrees, saying, "Why don't we, my beautiful Captain?"
  • An alien welcomes Starbuck and Boomer. He points out that they are wearing an emblem of the Colonial Fleet, saying that he didn't realize that the Fleet was in the area. Starbuck claims that they're out here on their own. The alien points out that it's out of their way, but Boomer claims they're just on a reconnaissance flight to make sure the armistice is being observed. The alien seems satisfied, and tells them to consider themselves guests of the establishment, welcome to all the food and drink they want. As they walk off Boomer asks Starbuck how he feels now that they have the run of the place while their people are starving to death.
  • Starbuck asks Boomer to have some vision. He points out that war isn't going to last forever, and after that they'll just be antiquated, burned out starfighters. Boomer points out that'll only be if they last that long. Boomer is worried about the disappearing guests. Starbuck points out that it is a big place, and that there's a tour that people go on just before leaving for home. Boomer points out that the Blonde Taurus was going on that tour.
  • Apollo and Starbuck flee the attacking Cylons underground. Apollo mentions that with all the tylium around their firefight is lighting the biggest bomb in the universe. Starbuck thinks it is too late to talk to the Centurions, and Apollo agrees. (Somebody off-camera can be heard yelling, "Fire!") Apollo shoots a Centurion twice, causing it to fall over.
  • A voice off-camera orders the videos to roll, and the monitors in Core command come to life. On action, Adama gives the "Launch when ready" command. Athena remarks that Adama kept some pilots back, as an entire squadron is answering. Adama brushes her off. Omega informs them that the Cylon forces consist of three entire flights. Athena remarks that their one squadron is never going to make it. Adama orders all warriors recalled from the surface. Athena says that there's not enough time, then Maren Jensen then flubs her next line saying, "They'll never get here back in time," then laughs and hits her head realizing she blew the take.
  • Adama says a prayer of thanksgiving standing on a raised platform with the Council and a large gathering of Colonials. An organ starts up, and everyone assembled begins singing. It appears to be some sort of a hymn or anthem.

Hail to thee, O lord of manna, bounteous be thy hand.
Blessed be the core of freedom throughout the land.
Keep us safe from powers of darkness liberty and might.
Man rejoices, land of Zion, lead us by thy light.
Serina tells Boxey (while the song is in progress) to stay really close to Captain Apollo. Serina asks Apollo if he'll look after her baby, and he agrees. She steps out of the room, lingering a moment in the doorway watching Apollo hold Boxey in his arms before leaving. The Colonials sing the above verse twice through.

  • A closeup shot of Adama during the singing. The audio is much clearer on some of the lyrics. Adama's voice drops in volume while Serina is talking to Boxey and Apollo. Additional lines of the song are sung in this cut:

We salute the cause of freedom 'neath our flags unfurled.
Standing for eternal right through the star-wide worlds.

Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I

  • Extended scene where Adama coaxes Apollo's announcement of his and Serina's being sealed. The dialogue that is present here, but cut later:
    Adama: ... this marvelous food for nigh on 3 millicentons... waiting... for each succeeding course. Each one being better than the one before.
    Athena: Wonderful! One surprise, after another. (looking in Apollo's direction)
    Apollo: All right, all right. I guess it's too much to expect anyone to be able to keep a secret in a small band of survivors like this.
    Adama: (with Athena laughing in the background) Starbuck, did he say "secret"?
    Starbuck: Yes, I believe he did.
    Athena: Oh, yes, "secret".
    Apollo: I'm not as glib as you are, father, I've always taken my time about things.
    Adama: (good naturedly) I know.
    Apollo: Especially the important things. I mean, there was a lot to consider, I had to be sure that Boxey was in favor of our (clears throat). Well, uh... (from this point, the scene picks up from the scene that was included in the final cut of the episode).
  • An extended scene where Adama congratulates Apollo for making a "father very happy... finally", after Apollo announces the marriage.
  • After Adama orders that Patrol 2 (consisting of Boomer and Jolly) land from their patrol, Omega announces that a "shuttle cadet from first-orbit solo" is inbound. Adama orders that the shuttle pilot be waived off, should the approach not be completed successfully, as they are in need of the reports from the patrol. The inbound shuttle is piloted by Serina, who completes her first successful solo-landing in Galactica's starboard bay.
  • As Apollo's probe is ready to land, Tigh mentions to Adama that his fellow Warriors are preparing a sendoff for Adama. Adama refuses to have Apollo skip procedure to even make the briefest appareance at the sendoff, since he refuses to "risk the lives of everyone in the fleet, even for my own son's sendoff", but extends the curfew so that Apollo will have time to go, after making the report.
  • After the disease has been found, Apollo is asking Cassiopeia what Boomer's chances are. When she says that they are not good, Apollo lets her know that he appreciates all that she's doing. Cassiopeia then comments that "You know, if anything good came out of the destruction of the Colonies, it was the opportunity for fresh beginnings", referencing her change from socialator to a med tech.
  • Rigel notifies Core Command of the medical shuttle leaving "launch deck 1".
  • After a cure is found on the alien planet, Tigh visits Adama telling him joyfully that he can "uncross his fingers". After jokingly replying, "What about my toes?", Tigh notifies him that they are 30 to 40 centons away from the void. Adama then asks Tigh, "You dissaprove of my leading the Fleet into the void, don't you?" Tigh replies that it is not his place to disapprove, only advise; Adama tells him to dispense with all protocol, and that he would like to hear Tigh's thoughts, leading into the discussion where Adama reveals his belief that the void is the same as the one depicted in the Book of the Word. Tigh replies that the field is too dangerous and that he would rather take his chances with the Cylon fleet.

Lost Planet of the Gods, Part II

Muffit is visibly displeased with the new marriage of Apollo or Serina.
  • An alternate scene where the star is discovered: Well into the void, Omega reports that they have found a mega star, which Tigh finds hard to believe. Omega reports that "behind" the mega star is a galaxy, and that they are near the end of the void. Apollo tells them to conduct a "narrowband scan" to search for a single planet in "elliptical orbit, 1 to 3 parsecs from the mega star". He believes it to be where the planet Kobol, the "mother world of all humans, where life began".
  • Apollo gives Serina tips on launching, by keeping her head braced against the headrest when she launches and her hands off the controls until the "outer doors flash by". He also tells her that she doesn't need to rush things, as she has the whole universe to "level out" in. They then passionately kiss.
  • A scene where Muffit leaves "daggit shit" all over the carpet. The "matter" consists of washers and screws.
  • A scene where the female Viper pilots discuss flight maneuvers. Deitra comments that Brie should practice a few more approaches, while Tigh drags away Starbuck and Apollo from the discussion. Serina notices that they are leaving, and follows, telling her fellow pilots that "the fellas are beginning to resent all this shop talk". Dietra then gives her belief that "this drop and shoot strategy that they are insisting we use" is "a whole lot of felgercarb".
  • Serina is preparing to launch her Viper, as well as the associated shot of her "launching".
  • A version of the marriage ceremony where Tigh notes that "the star, it's pulsing again" (whereas in the final scene, it is here when the star is first discovered by Galactica's crew.
  • During the sealing, Serina tells Apollo, "I know, I wish Starbuck was here too" after Vipers fly by.
  • A scene where Apollo and Serina kiss on Kobol.
  • A scene where Apollo breaks up his father's attempt at choking Baltar, but Apollo is unable to get his laser out of the holster, to which Richard Hatch (Apollo) says "shit".
  • Apollo orders that the warriors break up the camp. It is here where Athena reveals to Starbuck that Apollo and Serina were married. When Starbuck says, "Married? Without me?" Athena then drops a blatant attempt to get Starbuck to talk about their own relationship by saying, "Well, if you really want to be at a marriage ceremony..." Starbuck's reply is to comment that he should start breaking down the camp, leaving Athena.
  • An extended scene where Baltar is left for dead by Adama, Apollo and Serina.
    Baltar: This cannot be. It isn't just. I'm destined to be a king amongst kings. Lucifer, I'll tear you apart, limb from limb, circuit by circuit. So help me! You have not heard the last of Baltar!
  • Starbuck is pacing outside of Life Sciences when Cassiopeia exits. Starbuck asks "Everything is going to be all right, isn't it?" Cassiopeia then breaks down and runs into Starbuck's arms. Adama then approaches with Boxey and Muffit. Boxey tells Starbuck that "Hi Starbuck. Heard you did good," to which Starbuck replies, "Well, you know how it is kid, when you're great, your great." Starbuck also offers to help keep an eye on Muffit while Boxey sees his mother. With Adama, Boxey enters the room.
  • After Serina passes away, Apollo and Boxey are outside the room talking about how Serina's love for them will never fade away, and that Boxey will make a fine warrior someday.

The Lost Warrior

  • Boxey asks if he can spend the night with Blue Squadron. Adama corrects Boxey's use between "can I" and "may I". After Starbuck confirms that it was what his father wanted, Boxey jumps into Boomer's arms and is carried away.
  • Apollo wades through the forest with his laser drawn, taking place behind a boulder, ready to take out the lupus threatening Puppis. Apollo is pleased when Puppis shoots the lupus with his numo, lowering his pistol and walking away.
  • An extended version of when Vella and Apollo talk about Martin. In the scenes that didn't make the final cut, Vella asks about the stars:
    Vella: Is it really that beautiful, that compelling?
    Apollo: Yes. But that takes nothing away from what he [Martin] had with you.
    Vella: No. I suppose not.
  • Vella's inebriated brother, Bootes talks to Apollo on the outskirts of town, telling him with "my temper, I'm liable to take that Red-Eye on, even without a laser pistol". Bootes answers Apollo's questions on where he can find Lacerta, who snidely replies: "Just follow your ears to the music." He also reveals that Lacerta owns the bar, as well as practically everything in town. Apollo attempts to sympathize with Bootes.
  • An extended scene where Cassiopeia removes Boxey from the Warriors' bunk, telling the Warriors to "recirculate the air in here". Boxey runs back to the table, telling Starbuck "that's two [drinks] you owe me, Starbuck", which Starbuck replies "as soon as I get paid", which solicits laughter from the other Warriors. After Boxey tells Starbuck to keep his hands off the jellybean winnings and leaves, Starbuck says, "All right, now let's play some real poker!"
  • Apollo washes off his face outside of Vella's residence, looks up at the sky, then throws a towel over his right shoulder and walks towards the house.
  • An extended scene where Apollo walks with Puppis and Vella, after Apollo destroys Red-Eye towards their buggy. Apollo drives the horse-drawn buggy off, with Bootes carcass in the back of the buggy.

The Long Patrol

  • An extended scene where Adama is sitting in his chair in Core Command, with Boxey resting on his chest, telling him of Earth. In this version, Adama describes Earth as he knows it:
    Adama: ... orbiting around a very, very bright star. But it's not alone, you know.
    Boxey: It's not?
    Adama: Oh, no. No. It has a satellite, which is pale white, and it takes on various shapes. And... (sees Boxey fall asleep) falls asleep.
  • A scene starting when Boxey is leaving core command with Muffit. In this version, the director (or trainer) is yelling out for Evolution to move and Apollo asks Adama if he was always like Boxey. Adama comments jokingly, "Worse."
  • An alternate, perhaps original version, of the scene where Apollo explains to Athena that it was the Council that gave permission to the Scorpios to reopen the Astral Lounge on the Rising Star. Ever since, Starbuck attempts to get enough money to get into the place. With the 100 cubit bonus that Adama offers to the first Viper pilot to pilot the Recon Viper, Starbuck has managed to get into the Astral Lounge. Also, in this version, Athena tells her brother that Starbuck asked her to dinner, but she chose to "be here at the site of a new galaxy". Apollo replies, "Little sister, you made a wise decision."
  • The "before the war" comments by the Maitre d' are better explained here. In this version, the explanation that was filmed, but later cut was this:
    Starbuck: Before the war?
    Maitre d: Well, before it interfered with our annual run to Quintara. Ah, what a magnificent cluster. Seven red stars, and one blue. It was quite a trip pleaser. Especially for newly joined couples.
  • The Maitre d' brings Starbuck and Cassiopeia to the private dining room. The scene is like the same one that was in the final cut, except the scenes that were cut were those shot from behind the Maitre d'.
  • An alternate version of the scene where Starbuck and Cassiopeia frolic on the couch. The only striking difference is that Cassiopeia refers to herself as a "socialator", instead of a "med tech".
  • Starbuck attempts to get a different room, now that Athena has decided to join him for dinner. As Starbuck is bribing the Maitre d', Athena is drinking a shot, then pours herself something from a short, beer-like bottle. (The same bottles that were used in "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I" as bottles of ale.)
  • CORA is suggesting a course of action that would "scare the pogees" out of Croad while he pursues Robber. What is shown here was put into the final cut, but CORA's voice is provided by someone off screen, and not by Cathy Paine.
  • Robber is outside of his ship, opening up a panel when Starbuck's Viper lands.
  • After landing, Starbuck crosses a small river or moat, with his laser pistol drawn. After Starbuck clears his throat, Robber asks for a deltoid spanner, which Starbuck gives him from the nearby bag. In the scene, as Robber says "That heathen could be back', the actor messes up the line of dialogue.
  • Another shot, this time facing Starbuck, as he approaches Robber with his laser drawn. After he hands Robber the spanner, Starbuck asks Robber about the "pirate who put me here", but is instead offered a drink. After Starbuck is thrown a bottle, actor Dirk Benedict (Starbuck) asks if he could do the scene over again.
  • Cassiopeia enters Core Command and runs into Omega, who asks if he can help her. Cassiopeia tells Omega that Lieutenant Athena asked her to report to the bridge. Omega appears quite smitten with her, directing her to "Station Four, upper bay". As she walks in front of the viewport, Cassiopeia gets stares from men on the bridge, while Tigh gets irritated. Upon approaching Athena, Athena actress Maren Jensen forgets a part of her line, and the line is recited to her off screen. Further on into the scene, Athena attempts to tell her about what happened to Starbuck on his patrol. In the scenes that were cut:
    Cassiopeia: Did you arrange that?
    Athena: Look, I don't like you and you don't like me, but evidently you and Starbuck are having some sort of relationship.
  • After Adama gives orders to keep as much distance from Proteus as possible, Adama leans on a bar and considers the ramifications of his decision.
  • Apollo and Boomer talk to Slayer about not wanting to see Tanya grow up on Proteus. After agreeing that he would have done what they did, Apollo tells Boomer to "radio the Galactica on the short-pulse transmitter in scrambled code, 'Negative Cylon contact. Have located Recon Viper 1. Believe Starbuck alive. Will search until recalled.'" After Boomer leaves, he offers the family a place in the Fleet, telling them that they need a good ambrosia distiller on the Galactica, as the "stuff we make is awful".
  • Starbuck talks to Apollo and Boomer about Recon Viper 1:
    Starbuck: She doesn't have lasers.
    Boomer: But she's fast.
    Starbuck: And she's unarmed.
    Apollo: Shouldn't matter... to a hot pilot. (Boomer and Apollo walk to their Vipers)
  • On the Rising Star, during the dinner conversation at the end of the episode, the following was cut:
    Starbuck: All I had to do was compute when the Galactica probably first picked up the Cylon patrol on long range scan, and then estimate the course which would put the, um, Fleet the furthest distance from the, uh, Cylon patrol. (as Apollo laughs) Really very simple.
    Adama: And you did all this?
    Starbuck: Mhmm... Well, I, uh, had some help, uh, from CORA.
    Cassiopeia: Ah, I knew there'd be a woman in on it somewhere.
    Athena: CORA's a computer. I don't think we have any competition there.
    Adama: Well, in any case...

The Magnificent Warriors

Taken from the original script:

  • When Adama is walking with Tigh and Apollo towards Belloby's quarters and Apollo says, "Whoa, no, you don't. This isn't something you can avoid," Adama answers "Apollo... you just do not understand the situation. The only way we'll get that Energizer away from her is with a small laser battalion with shoot to kill orders."
  • In Adama's quarters, after Apollo asks, "Father... Just what did you have to give her in return for that energizer?", Adama says, "I promised I'd... (the words don't come easy to him) Court her." Apollo's mouth falls open. Adama turns away. Adama: "Before I met your mother... I mean a long, long time before... Siress Belloby and I... Well... we were..." Apollo: (stunned) "You... and Belloby..." Adama: "Apollo... she looked a lot better then. A whole lot better." Apollo: "It's not her looks... it's her attitude. She's as hard as NAILINGS." Adama: "Yes, well... She was disappointed when your mother and I were sealed. Belloby turned to achieving fulfillment in ways theretofore unexpected of ladies." Apollo: "Scavenging." Adama: "The recycling and salvaging of materials throughout the stars is a necessity. She just seemed to take pride in beating and outbidding men and crews twice her size." Apollo: "Now she's outbid the most powerful man in the fleet." Adama: "I made a promise to court her. I didn't say where. It certainly won't be in front of the entire Fleet. Now let's make ready, and get this over with."
  • In front of the shuttle, when Adama says, "Please, Belloby. Not in front of the children," Belloby asks, "What?" Adama: "You know how it is. Apollo's still quite upset over the loss of his mother... We'll have to let things progress... slowly... very slowly..." Belloby allows Adama to remove her arms from around his neck. She is after all a feeling person, though for the moment, she looks at Apollo as if he were a case of pox.
  • We see Starbuck walk up to the gambling table and ask if he can play. Dipper: "Sure... Seein' how this ain't your lucky night. You're probably just what we need at this table." Dipper laughs... Starbuck doesn't. Starbuck: "Now whatever gave you the idea that wasn't my lucky night?" Starbuck reaches for the cards with a confidence that shakes everyone's nerves. Starbuck expertly shuffles the cards and begins dealing.
  • In town, when Belloby asks Adama to kiss her, and he asks, "What?", Belloby says, "I love it when you're angry. No one else has the nerve to raise their voice to me. Kiss me." Adama: "Belloby, forgive me... but my mind is on other things." Belloby: "If you kiss me... I'll tell you where your power sled is."
  • We see Apollo, Adama, and Belloby approach the Chancery. Apollo: "So far as I can tell, this is the only place open at this hour." Adama: "Then this is likely to be where we'll find the local law enforcer."
  • After Bogon explains to Starbuck about how all the constables have been killed, there is a scene AT THE SHED where Boomer stands by a door blown open by a hand laser. As Bogan, Adama, Belloby, Apollo and Starbuck arrive and look inside. Belloby: "My Energizer..." Adama: "Our Energizer. Sire Bogan, this was deliberately stolen from us. Probably to keep us here so you could rig a card game and victimize my man." Bogon: "My, my... Those are harsh words. I hope you can prove them. We have laws about such things, you know." Adama: "Boomer?" Boomer: "Coming right up..." Boomer enters the shed where Apollo, Bellaby, Starbuck, and Adama are standing. He carries a hand scope." Adama: "Put the scope on the sled and let's see what we have." A bright green light suddenly emits from the scope... Apollo: "Concentrate on the driver's side." Boomer presses a circuit button on the scope. Boomer: "Narrowing scanner range to living being whose hands and feet were on these pedals. (checks indicators) No doubt about it... Human..." Apollo: "Throw it on tracer and let's get this over with." Boomer throws another switch and suddenly flourescent traces of hand and footprints glow all over the shed leading away from the power sled. Adama looks at Bogon whose confidence is ebbing. Starbuck: "Like following a baby's cry." Belloby: "Land, would Id've liked to have had a thing like that a couple of times pirates jumped my work force. Never could prove nothing but I always suspected half my own crew." Adama: "This leaves no room for doubt, Sire Bogon. Strap on your lasers, boys..." Bogon: "Look... if I may concede that you will find the culprits in the Chancery, take my advice... Forget them." Adama: "Forget them?" Bogon: "Look at the moon?" POINT OF VIEW - A moon rising up over the buildings... Bogon: "Don't you see... it's almost time." Adama: "I don't know what you're talking about... Belloby, you wait here with Boomer in case there's trouble inside."
  • INSIDE THE CHANCERY - Apollo, Starbuck, Adama and Bogon enter and stop short in their tracks. Things have changed. People are hurriedly piling tables and chairs in front of the windows... and at the back doors. Our boys exchange looks. Starbuck: "Musta' thought we'd come in with our lasers blazing." Bogon: "It isn't you they're expecting." Apollo: "You stay out of this, Bogon." Starbuck, who now has the scanner, heads directly for Dipper who is crouching down behind a table at a point where he can get a narrow look at the street outside. Starbuck: "On your feet, Dipper. You're under arrest." Dipper: "Huh?" Suddenly Bogon rushes over. Bogon: "Men... Men... please. This is no time for law and order. Take cover... quickly! The moon is almost high. All except you, Starbuck. You'd better get out there in the street unless you want a dead town on your conscience." Suddenly the room seems to be shaking. Not from something close at hand but something far off in the distance... like an earthquake. Bogon: "Good God, it's time... they're coming. Lights out, everyone." Suddenly people start turning out the lights. Bogon: "Quickly... quickly, get out there... or there'll be no stopping them." Apollo: "Belloby and Boomer are out there, alone." Starbuck: "You, you and you... on your feet! You're going out there with us." Starbuck shoves his laser in Dipper's ribs and the trio reluctantly rise up and move out. Apollo, Starbuck and Adama, with their prisoners, charge for the door. Bogon calls after them. Bogon: "If I may suggest taking a stand at the edge of town... A few shots over their heads will generally discourage the majority of them. The rest... (as they exit) Well, you'll find out."
  • IN THE STREET Adama, Belloby and Apollo are looking off into the distance. Belloby: "What is it? It sounds like a deep earth tremor." Apollo: "It's the Borays. They're coming!" Belloby: "A few Borays... That's nothing to worry about." Adama: "Belloby... You get inside that jail and crouch down in the dark." Apollo: "Father, I suggest you go with her while we take a stand at the edge of town." Adama: "I'll be there beside you." Starbuck comes rushing out of the jailhouse with Boomer and their three prisoners, each carrying a rifle. Starbuck: "Negative. As Constable of this town I'm ordering all of you civilians back inside. The jail looks safe." Apollo: "Starbuck, what are you talking about? You're not going out there alone." The rumble and roaring is getting louder. Starbuck: "They're a herd, Apollo. You turn one... you turn 'em all." Apollo: "And get yourself killed in the process. The more of us they see out there the less likely they'll ride over us." Adama: "He's right. We'll take up positions at the edge of town... Quickly." Suddenly the four men are running. Belloby: "I am not going to cower on the floor like some infant daggit." Adama: "Belloby, you do as you're told. Now that's an order!" The men continue on up the street. Belloby mumbles under her breath and heads for the jail building.
  • ON THE ROAD a fast look at a cloud of dust and a tribe of wild Borays riding thunder in their eyes and a curse on their lips. The look is massive, diffused and horrifying... especially the creature in the lead... Nogow. ON OUR FOUR HEROES as they stand two yards apart across the main street... their weapons drawn... moving down the line stoically to see the fierce determination in their eyes. POINT OF VIEW - A cloud of dust and a shouting that is so gutteral and loud that it would make charging Indians on the planet Earth sound like a girls' nursery school choir... The ground begins to shake around our heroes. BACK TO OUR HEROES - Apollo: "Lord, there're a lot of them." Adama: "Let's give them plenty of notice." Apollo fires into the air. POINT OF VIEW - Moving from the Borays straight for the four young men. BACK ON THE FOUR MEN - Starbuck: "They aren't stopping." Adama: "Keep firing." Starbuck: "I'm going to start firing at them." Apollo: "Wait." ON THE HERD as the lead Boray suddenly swings his loping animal and veers off and away from the main street. Boomer: "YaaaaHooooo!" Adama: "We did it!" Bogon: "Not yet. That was the easy part." Apollo: "There's a harder part?" Starbuck: "They head straight for the storage bins... grab everything they can tote, then head back for town and more diversionary appetites." ON THE FOOD BINS as they swarm with Borays filling black sacks and tossing them out to Borays on their animals... it is swift and efficient and the noise is more subdued than before. Suddenly the stealing is over and it is time to ride again. IN THE STREET on our warriors. Boomer: "Sounds like it's over." ON DIPPER - Dipper: "Uh, uh... The worst is yet to come. Once they get fed, they get real brave and lusty." Then we pick up in the jail where Belloby says, "I'm not going to stand around here and let Adama handle them alone."
  • After Adama shouts, "Fire in front of them! Now!" and they begin to fire: ON THE BORAYS as the ground begins to ignite with laser fire... the Borays seem to ride around the fire and continue ahead. More laser fire... finally, as they reach a point less than a hundred yards away, they slow and stop. ON NOGOW as he holds up his hand in confusion. ON OUR WARRIORS - Apollo: "Hold it... they've stopped." BACK TO NOGOW - his senses reeling in confusion. He grunts something to the others. ON APOLLO - Apollo: "I don't think they've ever seen laser fire." Starbuck: "We may have to drop one to let 'em know what it can do." Adama: "No. Try not to start something we can't finish. If they want to start throwing their spears... There're just too many of them." ON NOGOW as he lets out a last cry of triumph... turns his mount back to face the foursome and charges... amidst a frightening din of chants. BACK TO THE FOURSOME - Starbuck: "Now what?" Adama: "Stand your ground for as long as possible... then go for cover." They begin firing into the air... the horde continues in. Suddenly the warriors jump back to each side of the street. The horde throw their spears which fly by imbedding themselves into the buildings around our ducking warriors. Apollo: "They're not stopping." Adama breaks into a smile. Adama: "Even herd animals have their pride. They had to show us their courage and..." ON THE JAIL - Belloby has suddenly charged out and into the street wielding her weapon. Belloby: "If you've killed Adama, I'll show you, you miserable fuzze faxed... Ahhh." ON NOGOW as he leans out of the saddle (or whatever is camouflaged for these creatures to perch on) and sweeps Belloby up into his powerful arm and continues riding up the street. ON THE HORDE as they round the corner and disappear off into the darkness, their chants grow dimmer and dimmer. FADE OUT.
  • After Belloby is captured by the Borays, Bogon says, "My good men... Never have we witnessed such bravery. Do you realize what's happened here this day? We did not lose one single citizen. Ordinarily the spears take a disheartening toll before their foul work is done." Dipper: "Then there're the women that they capture." Bogon: "Let's not talk about this! Tonight we're delivered." Adama: "No... Tell me... These women... What happens?" Bogon: "You don't want to know. Come, let's celebrate our good fortune." Apollo: "I'm afraid we can't do that, Sire Bogon. We lost one of our people." Bogon: "But when... There were only four of you out there... and when we ran out and saw the Bores' running for their lives..." Adama: "They had our woman with them." Bogon: "Oh, my lord... No..." Dipper: "Well, that's that. She's a goner. Let's get drunk and put it out of our minds." Starbuck and Boomer move up. Starbuck: "Did I hear right? They grabbed Belloby?" Boomer: "I thought she was tucked away safely inside the jail." Apollo: "Father... it wasn't anyone's fault." Adama: "No... Of course not." Boomer: "That's right. If she'd done what she was told..." Starbuck: "For all practical purposes, we were at war with these people. We had to expect casualties. As it was we got off lucky." Apollo: "Very lucky." Adama: "Yes." Bogon: (nods) "Very sensible. All right, everyone... into my Chancery. The refreshments are on me." Another cheer and the street quickly clears... except for Adama, Boomer, Apollo, and Starbuck who stand crestfallen... their heads studying the ground. Not one of them up to discussing the inevitable. At the last possible moment... Bogan looks back and steps back down off the rise of the Chancery and moves back to the four warriors. There is a moment of silent communication. Bogon: "You're not ordinary farmers. In fact... there's only one legendary brigade in the universe that could match the courage I just witnessed. (a long beat) I'm honored to be able to say I've stood in the presence of Warriors from the Great Colonies." The four young men sheepishly swing looks at Bogon. Bogon: "I'm so ashamed to have deceived you into defending our town. I guess desperation is the evil soul of expedience in weak men... but you're not like us. You know what you must so... and I salute you for it."
  • As the four warriors prepare to go after Belloby, Bogon says, "It's a fair trade, Sire, and I assure you the seed will be packed and ready when you return." Adama: "See that it is. The Constable will hold your contract." Bogon: "The path we've indicated is the only one we know..."
  • As they get very near the Borays, Apollo says, "They've been watching us now for a centon." ON THE HIGH CLIFFS - A Boray peering around a rock... his spear poised, but unmoving. IN ANOTHER DRAW the men ride on. Starbuck: "What're they waiting for? If they want a fight... let's get it over with." Adama: "They're wary of our weapons." Apollo: "But we're also riding directly into their stronghold. They've plenty of time to just overwhelm us by sheer numbers." Starbuck: "That's a great plan, Captain. What've you got up your sleeve for us?" Apollo: "Nogow... their leader would seem to be the key. If we could get to him... they'd clearly follow him."
  • When Belloby says, "Adama... Oh, thank God. What courage. What love must have brought you here to deliver me, my darling", Adama answers, "Be quiet, Belloby. We're a long way from delivering anybody. He has a thousand warriors surrouding us." Belloby: "Well, for God sakes, Adama... Do something."
  • After Starbuck leaves, the Borays begin to move forward. Boomer: "Commander..." Adama: "I see them. They're working up their courage to charge." Apollo: "Stay low... We'll rapid fire and get as many as we can before..." Adama and Apollo exchange looks of affection. Adama: "I'm sorry, son." Apollo: "So am I... But we gave it our best shot." The Borays are starting to lift their spears when... Nogow: "Stop!" The spears freeze over the head of the Borays. Starbuck moves directly out of the hut, with Belloby at his side. They move directly up to the group. Adama: "Starbuck... He bought it?" Starbuck: "Nothing to it.. The minute you said he was a lazy, self-centered opportunist, I knew we'd talked the same language. Belloby... you'll have to ride doube with Adama." Apollo: "Starbuck, what in the universe..." Adama: "You'd better let him explain later... Let's not press our luck..." Quickly the group turns and head out. Nogow shouts commands which cause the Borays behind the group to part like the Red Sea. They ride out right up the middle. FADE OUT

The Young Lords

Taken from the original script:

  • This is the complete conversation that takes place between Starbuck and Boomer at the beginning. Starbuck: "Boomer. I just reached a big decision. And I feel you should be the first to know." Boomer: "There's only two of us out here." Starbuck: (looks off) "See that red star forty degrees to port?" Boomer: "Gotcha. What's the big decison?" Starbuck: "I was staring at it... and from out of the blue, the words of my ol' flight instructor came back to me. (imitates old flight instructor) Starbuck, a Viper pilot only flies three Vipers: the one he trains in; the one he escapes from... and the one he dies in." Boomer: (irritated) "Starbuck, it's been a long mission. You're tired." Starbuck: "Gambling and socializing between alerts. That's the big decision. (beat) I'm giving them up." Boomer: "The gambling...? A tiny maybe. But the socializing...? Uh, uh. (shakes his head) Not a chance." Starbuck: "D'you wanna bet?" Boomer: (suddenly alert) "Starbuck... the scanner!" And then the Cylons attack.
  • As soon as Spectre orders the remaining Cylon raider to return to base, Boomer comes from behind and destroys it. Boomer: (looks back over his shoulder) "That's for Starbuck."
  • In Adama's bed chambers, after Cassiopea says, "You won't be for long if you don't get some sleep", Adama says (looking at Apollo), "Why people feel the compulsive need to continually offer advice to the sick is beyond me." Cassiopea: "Because some people are too stubborn to take it!"
  • After Apollo says that he and Boomer will take a shuttle to go after Starbuck, Adama says (looking at Athena and Cassiopea), "I don't suppose you could use an extra pilot and med tech?" Apollo: (laughs) "No, sir." Adama lies back weakly. Adama: "I thought you'd say that."
  • After Starbuck surrenders to the Cylons, he says, "Take it easy, fellas. Let's not do something I'm going to regret." Cylon Commander: "On your feet, humanoid." Starbuck: "Easier said than done."
  • There is more dialogue after Starbuck tells the Cylon, "At least we don't rust." Starbuck: "Did you hear that?" Cylon Commander: "What?" Starbuck: "A squeak. (looks down) Sounded like your ankle. There it is again! I think you could use a little lubricant. Petro-based number seven ought to..." Cylon Commander: "Silence!" Starbuck: "Just trying to help."
  • After Kyle tells Starbuck he won't find better warriors in the galaxy than them, Miri says, "You'll have to excuse Kyle. He thinks he's so... grown up since we let him play leader." Kyle: "I do not play at being leader, Miri." Starbuck: "No... You don't. You're really very good."
  • After Staruck and the children finish practicing their song inside the cave, the children laugh with elation. Starbuck: "If nothing else... we sure sound good. (beat) Once more... all together." We move in tight on the map scratched into the ground as... ALL: (v.o.) "Through the tunnel, under the land..."
  • There is a final scene that occurs on the Galactica bridge. Colonel Tigh is seated in Adama's chair addressing operations. Omega: "Long-range scanner indicate distant activity in the Tau sector... six hectares." Tigh: (crisp order) "Launch a patrol. Flight Sergeants Jolly and Giles --" Rigel: "Short-range transmission from Captain Apollo's shuttle... mission successful... requesting vectors." ON ADAMA - He is standing behind Tigh, just below the flying bridge. He smiles at the news. We pull back to see Tigh with his back to Adama. Tigh: "We can't risk a transmission until we know what is in Tau sector. Launch a second patrol... Lieutenant Dietra and Athena. Have them establish visual contact and lead the shuttle home. (beat) What's the status of our number three pulse engine?" Omega: "Three centares until repairs are completed." Tigh: "Tell engineering they have one... we may have to move quickly." Omega: "Yes, sir. I also have a request to close launch tubes six and eight for maintenance." Tigh: "Only after number three engine is back on the line. (beat) Switch long-range scan to widesweep once the recon patrol is launched." CLOSE ON ADAMA as he turns and quietly starts to leave the bridge. He runs right into Cassiopea. Cassiopea: (sternly) "What do you think you're doing here... sir?" Adama turns and looks at Tigh. ADAMA'S POINT OF VIEW - COLONEL TIGH'S BACK - Still giving orders... everything under control. BACK ON ADAMA AND CASSIOPEA - Adama: (softly) "Why... Going to get some sleep." He exits and we move in on Cassiopea's face... in shock. GALACTICA AND FLEET - FADE OUT - THE END
  • There is a slightly earlier script of this episode called The Young Warriors. In it, the planet Starbuck crashes on is called Trillion, not Atilla.

The Living Legend

War of the Gods