Lee Adama's Weight Loss Program

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Are you under these circumstances?

If you are on the run from the Cylons and if the following has happened to you in the past few months:

  • A Battlestar to command,
  • A planet hospitable for human life,
  • An idiot to become the president,
  • A nuclear explosion,
  • A year,
    • Absolutely nothing to happen in that year what so ever

and if you're fat, you've come to the right place.

What you need to get is...

All this has happened to an unlucky Commander Lee Adama of the Battlestar Pegasus and he is now no longer fat. This is what Lee did and what he needed was :

  • After the year the Cylons then show up and occupy the planet,
  • Get a parent to command a fellow Battlestar going to successfully liberate the planet,
  • Then get a friend who will not stop to help you,
  • The ability to move your Battlestar into action.

If you have all this you're ready.

What Lee Adama did

The Cylons where created by man, They rebelled, They evolved, They look and feel human, Some are programed to think they are human, And they have a plan.

40 years after that the Cylons returned to the colony's and wiped then out. Only 50,000 people survived in a fleet which escaped with the Battlestar Galactica. 6 months later The fleet encountered a ship called the Battlestar Pegasus. 2 months after that Mjr. Lee Adama was put in command of the Pegasus by his father Admiral William Adama (CO of the Galactica). A month later on the way of a rescue mission 2 pilots find a planet that can support human life called New Caprica. President Laura Roslin and Vice-President Dr. Gaius Baltar are now in a presidential election. Baltar wins and establishes a colony on the planet. After a year the cylons return. In this year he gained all the weight. Also in this year Admr. Adama and his wife (Anastasia Dualla) claim that he had got soft, Physically and mentally. The Adamas hatch a plan to rescue the colonists. Galactica was ment to go alone but Lee went anyway. Pegasus was destroyed in the successful rescue op. In the after math of the conflict and ocupation Lee got a friend Karl Agathon to work him up a sweat. In no time he lost all the weight he gained.