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{{Character Data
{{Character Data
|photo=Barkeep Joe Headshot.jpg
|photo=Barkeep Joe Headshot.jpg
|seen=Taking a Break From All Your Worries
|seen=Taking a Break From All Your Worries
|role= Barkeep‎
|role= Barkeep‎

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Age {{{age}}}
Colony {{{colony}}}
Birth place {{{birthplace}}}
Birth Name Joe
Birth Date {{{birthdate}}}
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Nickname {{{nickname}}}
Introduced Taking a Break From All Your Worries
Death {{{death}}}
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Family Tree View
Role Barkeep‎
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Portrayed by Tom Bower
Joe is a Cylon
Joe is a Final Five Cylon
Joe is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Joe is an Original Series Cylon
Additional Information
Joe in the separate continuity
Joe in the primary continuity

Joe is the barkeep of Joe's bar, a drinking establishment on Galactica.

Lee Adama seems to be a good friend of Joe. The two might know each other from elsewhere in the Fleet, or Adama spent some time at the bar before introducing Tyrol to it (Taking a Break From All Your Worries).