Iblis' ship

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Iblis ship.jpg

The remains of a ship are found on a habitable world that, despite being filled with trees and other vegetation, has a strange red hue and registers as having no life forms according to the scanners of three Viper pilots that scout the planet for four missing pilots.

Apollo, Starbuck and Sheba see a massively large crater as they enter the atmosphere of the planet. Walking to the edge of the crater, they see the remains of a ship that Starbuck believed was as big as a battlestar.

When the three Warriors attempt to walk to the remains of the ship for a closer look, they are warned off by man in white garments who calls himself Iblis. He indicates that the radion levels of the ship are very high. Iblis tells the trio that the ship was destroyed by the "great powers," but refuses to elaborate further (War of the Gods, Part I).