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===[[Helena Cain]]===
===[[Helena Cain]]===
*She is in great need of redemption, giving her actions.
*She is in great need of redemption, given her actions.
===[[Kendra Shaw]]===
===[[Kendra Shaw]]===

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BSG WIKI Caution.png This article is based on plausible speculation, which can violate policies on fan-generated theories if analysis is taken too far.

A central mystery of the fourth season, according to the opening titles, concerns who the last member of the Cylon Final Five is. What follows is a compilation of significant clues suggesting or refuting that a character is the final Cylon.

Notes on Clues

Clues as to the identity of hidden Cylons have been historically rare in the series. These are the clues which have actually pointed to a real Cylon:

Clues entered here must be concrete, from canon or official sources. They should be either:

  • Extrahuman events relating to a character.
  • Clear dramatic references to a Cylon nature.
  • Statements from official sources.

Simple suspicious activity or hidden motives are found in all characters and should not be included. Clues should relate to specific extrahuman/Cylon events, or specific foreshadowing, not speculation of what might be true.

General Constraints

Any character, with the likely exceptions of Karl Agathon and Cally Tyrol, who have fathered half-Cylon children with Cylons[1], could be the final Cylon. The Final Five are a "fundamentally different" kind of Cylon [2] and having children, parents, an established past, injuries and a green light from the Cylon detector do not disqualify a character. Dead characters are not excluded. The final Cylon may or may not be aware of his or her nature. It is expected that the unmasking of the final Cylon will be a highly dramatic event, similar in grandeur to the revelation of the other four members of the Final Five.

Multi-character clues

Statement by the First Hybrid

The First Hybrid says this about the final Cylon: "The fifth is still is in shadow, drawn toward the light, hungering for redemption, that will only come in the howl of terrible suffering."

Last Supper Photo

A promotional photo, entitled the "Last Supper" features an empty goblet which is suggested to belong to the final Cylon. In somewhat equivocal statements, when an interviewer wonders if the final Cylon is not in the photo (which contains all major characters). Moore replies "you feretted that out pretty slyly. I didn't really want to give that away." Moore later confirmed he was not equivocating, and really did reveal that the Cylon is not in the photo.

Significant minor characters from Season 1 without specific clues listed below include Tom Zarek, Doctor Cottle and dead characters Billy Keikeya and Ellen Tigh. (Admiral Cain did not appear in Season One).

Other clues are related in the commentary surrounding this photo.

Four with the Fleet

D'Anna Biers states that "Four [of the Final Five] are in your fleet." (Revelations) At the time, Gaius Baltar, Laura Roslin, William Adama and Karl Agathon are not with the Fleet. Furthermore, Diana Seelix and Brendan Constanza, as well as as several minor characters, are away from the Fleet as well.


  • Just before being boxed, D'Anna Biers tells Cavil, "There are five other Cylons, brother," ruling out any of the seven known models as also belonging to the Final Five (Rapture).
  • Commander Adama receives a mysterious note that "there are twelve Cylon models." (Miniseries)
  • The often prophetic Leoben Conoy tells Laura Roslin that "Adama is a Cylon." At that time he should have no knowledge of the Final Five, and programming not to think about them.

Official Statements

  • Season 4 will "further blur the line between Cylon and human" and "redefine what it is to be a Cylon"
  • Bradley Thompson stated "If memory serves, [the identity of the] fifth (which may change) we've been kicking around since about the end of Season One."[3]
  • During a Q&A session on the official Sci Fi channel Battlestar Galactica forum Ronald D. Moore notes that he already knows who the last Cylon is, and that he's already left clues as to who it is[4].

Dead Characters

Ellen Tigh

  • Tigh burns a picture of Ellen with his cigar, giving her a big, glowing red eye (Miniseries).
  • Ellen's sudden appearance in the Fleet with no other person having a recollection as to how (Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down).
  • Ellen's appearance to her husband in visions while he is with Caprica Six.

Zak Adama

Joseph Adama

  • Co-creator of the mechanical Cylons, and thus most closely tied to the Cylons among series characters (Caprica).

Tamara Adama

  • A Cylon was created based on her, but at present this Cylon and Tamara have only appeared in materials related to Caprica.
  • "Adama is a Cylon." In this case, Leoben could know this and even have downloaded memories from the Cylon version of Tamara.


  • Recent return as a spirit guide may hint at a larger role. However producer's statements say she was a quick last minute replacement for Billy Keikeya.

Cally Tyrol

  • The empty slot in Last Supper photo is paired with Galen Tyrol. Symmetry would put her in that seat.
  • Negative: She suffered greatly from exposure to vacuum with Galen, while he was not much harmed.
  • Negative: Her son Nicholas has been identified by Moore as half-human, half-Cylon.

Helena Cain

  • She is in great need of redemption, given her actions.

Kendra Shaw

  • Hungers for redemption.
  • Is the only person to hear the First Hybrid's prophecies.

Characters Eliminated by "Last Supper" Photo or "Four in the Fleet" statement

The following characters are eliminated from consideration by the clues above. However for those who feel those clues are misinterpreted, the following clues exist.

Kara Thrace

  • To all appearances killed in explosion, then returns two months later in brand-new Viper (Crossroads, Part II).
  • Painting mandala since childhood.
  • Seeks redemption for destruction of the Olympic Carrier and the death of Zak Adama.
  • Told by Leoben and oracles that she has a special destiny.
  • Predicted by the First Hybrid to lead the human race to its end, to be the herald of the apocalypse and the harbinger of death (Razor).

Laura Roslin

  • One of the few humans to experience Cylon related visions. (Possible explanations include chamalla and blood transfusions from Hera.)
  • Also apparently shares Emily Kowalski's dying vision of trip to afterlife (Faith.
  • Ruled out as being one of the four revealed members in podcast for "Crossroads, Part II".

Felix Gaeta

Gaius Baltar

  • Survives a nuclear explosion that destroys his home, essentially unscathed (Miniseries).
  • The Hybrid declares him "The Chosen One" and said he had "A mind that burns like fire." The secrets of the Temple of Five are only to be revealed to him (The Eye of Jupiter).
  • Has a Six in his head that claims to be an angel from God, as well as a Virtual Baltar similar to Caprica-Six's.
  • Seemingly able to cure a boy of viral meningitis by praying, as instructed by Virtual Six (He That Believeth In Me).
  • Seen as the messiah by a cult.
  • Unconsciously knows what part of Cylon base to attack (The Hand of God).
  • By a considerable margin, the (living) character most in need of, and hungering for redemption, considering his role in the downfall of mankind.
  • Often hopes that he is a Cylon; has stated he would find redemption in learning he is a Cylon.
  • Cylons are uncannily attracted to him, and three of the four female models have had sexual relations with him.
  • After Number Three sees image of Final Five in Temple of Five, she declares to him "So beautiful. You were right." The primary thing he has been insisting to her is that he may be a Cylon.
  • Declared to be one of the smartest Colonials alive. Genius ability with computers. Demonstrable ability to cover up his background (Taking a Break From All Your Worries).
  • Declared to be the father, with her, of the new hybrid race by Virtual Six (Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part II).
  • Appears in visions of the Opera House seen by Roslin. He also sees the Opera House in visions led by his inner Six.
  • Receives special attention from D'Anna Biers after her return, more than any other character (The Hub).
  • While it is unlikely due to costume choices, the Baltar in the Last Supper photo could be the virtual Baltar who appears to both Caprica Six and Baltar himself, removing the real Baltar from the photo.

Anastasia Dualla

  • An Adama by marriage, she was not an Adama when Leoben made his pronouncement (Flesh and Bone). Other clues remain inconclusive.
  • Her name, Anastasia means "resurrection" and Dualla means "duo" implying a duality of some kind.

William Adama

  • One of the few to experience Cylon related visions (in the room with First Hybrid) (Razor, extended version).
  • Negative: Ruled out as being one of the 4 revealed members in podcast for "Crossroads".
  • Seeks redemption over fear he started the war (Hero).
  • Although Conoy may well be lying in order to confuse Roslin in "Flesh and Bone", it appears most likely that he refers to William Adama.

Lee Adama

  • Described as "in his father's shadow" by Romo Lampkin.
  • Negative: Orders destruction of Temple of Five, which Final Five member Tyrol is unable to carry out.
  • Seeks some redemption for the destruction of the Olympic Carrier.
  • A line about Zak being a Cylon referenced below may also subtly refer to him.
  • Sitting next to, and staring at the goblet in the missing Judas position in The Last Supper.

Additional Cylons

  • The Cylon God is frequently referenced as a real and intervening being.
  • The First Hybrid states that his existence would "begin again in ways uncertain" after his destruction (Razor).
  • The Virtual beings sometimes possess knowledge indicating and existence outside the minds of their hosts.
  • Materials for Caprica state that there were Cylon models based on the human memories of at least three people.
  • The nature of the being, represented by an internal image of Leoben Conoy, who appears to Kara Thrace in "Maelstrom" is unknown.
  • Original Cylon Centurion Model 0005 units not on the Guardian basestar when it is destroyed could still exist.
  • The slavery of the robotic Cylons has become an important Cylon issue. Non-biological forms could be represented in the Final Five.


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