Gara Singh

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Gara Singh
Gara Singh


Colony Caprica
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Introduced The Reins of a Waterfall
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Gara Singh was the Director of the Caprica City bureau of the Caprican Global Defense Department in the years before the First Cylon War.

Investigating the STO

Though Singh's GDD bureau had been saddled with mostly trivial cases, the bombing of the Metropolitan Levitation Mass Transit System by monotheist Ben Stark and the resurgence of the Soldiers of the One terrorist group became Singh and his intestigators' primary focus (CAP: "The Reins of a Waterfall", "Gravedancing").


Staying mostly on the sidelines as Agents Duram and Youngblood made inquiries into the bombing, Singh stepped in when he discovered a tape of the bomber, Stark, being interrogated by Youngblood one year before the bombing for possession of explosives. Singh suggested the tape be destroyed and Duram and Youngblood step up their game, inspiring a major break in the case (CAP: "The Reins of a Waterfall").

As the STO began bombing Holocafes throughout Caprica City, Singh was initially hesitant to attribute the crimes to a resurgence of the monotheist terrorists. However, when the Inter-Colonial Court on Libran handed down a warrant allowing the search of the Athena Academy - where Ben Stark and his suspected accomplice Zoe Graystone attended - Singh reluctantly allowed Agent Duram to proceed, telling him, though, to keep it "tasteful".

In scenes deleted from the episode "Know Thy Enemy", Agent Duram secures high tech equipment for the GDD office that would allow quick identification of potential suspects by searching the entire "Caprican Mesh". As a test group, Duram used members of the GDD, including his partner Youngblood and Director Singh, both of whom came up clean.
The storyline continued into scenes later omitted from "The Imperfections of Memory" in which Duram and the GDD installed cameras at Atlas Arena to scan faces in the stadium and pinpoint any possible STO members. Throughout this investigation, Singh is hesitant about the sidestepping of "certain liberties" apparently so easy for Agent Duram. Capturing and detaining a suspect, Duram expresses his disgust for the monotheist movement and Singh reins him.

STO Murders

Following the murder of two members of the STO who were also former students at Athena Academy, Agent Duram stepped up his investigation into the school's headmistress, Sister Clarice Willow. Having been alerted of accusations made to Willow by her lawyer, Director Singh once again interceded. Meeting with Duram away from the office, Singh admonished Duram for harassing Willow, telling him of that the Athenian cleric could not be the monotheist terror leader Duram believed she was. Singh also emphasized that everyone at the GDD was invested in solving the murders (CAP: "Retribution").


With growing suspicion that the STO had infiltrated the GDD, Agent Duram misdirected Director Singh with information falsely implicating Mar-Beth Willow - Clarice Willow's wife - as a confidential informant. Upon the sudden disappearance and apparent murder of Mar-Beth, Singh revealed himself to be the mole, funneling information about the investigation into the STO to Clarice Willow's cell under the alias "Alvo". As Alvo, Singh had also stolen evidence gathered from Zoe Graystone's belongings and given it Willow, a key element in her pursuit of Apotheosis. Despite this information, Duram declined to turn Singh in, lacking concrete evidence (CAP: "Blowback").

Aware of the threat Duram now posed to his position in the GDD, Singh altered video surveillance footage of a meeting with Duram, to make it appear as though the agent had become a rogue. Alerting Internal Affairs, Singh took Duram's badge and gun and removed him from the force, handing his caseload over to Agent Youngblood (CAP: "The Dirteaters").