Gara Singh

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Gara Singh
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Colony Caprica
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Introduced The Reins of a Waterfall
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Role Global Defense Department Director
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Portrayed by Peter Wingfield
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[[Image:|200px|Gara Singh]]

Gara Singh is the Director of the Caprica Office of the Global Defense Department (GDD), Caprica's law enforcement and intelligence service similar in function to the present day United States' Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the British MI-5.

The GDD is investigating the terrorist bombing of the Lev subway train and those connected to it under his leadership. He and his agency have connected the bombing to the terrorist group Soldiers of the One, linking Ben Stark to the bombing in particular. He confronted Agent Jordan Durham and his partner Agent Youngblood over an interrogation tape Singh had discovered of Ben Stark(e), who was picked up for a post 10pm curfew violation nearly a year prior to the bombing. His surname was mistakenly spelled by Youngblood with an "e" and misfiled as such. Stark was found by the GDD with alleged bomb making materials which Stark explained away as model rocket components. Sigh questioned the competency of Youngblood on the grounds that she let him go, spelled his name wrong or didn't destroy the tape. He would later compliment the Youngblood for her supposed idea of using the press to get the government to put aside "bureaucratic red tape" and to obtain a search warrant from a sympathetic judge to search the Greystone's domicile (In truth it was Agent Durham's idea but he gave her sole credit to help rehabilitate Youngblood in the Director's eyes. The Director would say she was halfway back) (The Reins of a Waterfall).