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Encyclopedia Galactica
Encyclopedia Galactica
A book of the Original Series reference line
Book No. 1
Author(s) Bruce Kraus[1]
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Published September 1979
ISBN 0525610391
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Encyclopedia Galactica: From the Fleet Library aboard the Battlestar Galactica (Windmill Books and E.P. Dutton 1979, ISBN 0525610391), edited by Bruce Kraus, is an encyclopedia of the Original Series.

Encyclopedia Galactica is presently out of print, although copies of it, at times, are available either through Amazon.com or eBay.

Due to its various inaccuracies, misspellings, and contradictory information, it is not considered a fully canonical source text for the Original Series. Battlestar Wiki does aim to note the difference between this text and aired information however, though makes no guarantees on its status in Battlestar canon.


A listing of errata in the book that deviates from already established canonical material.

Other items

These are items that cannot fit in any other location, due to the lack of canonicy.

  • Astralon: high-velocity particles, similar to meteoroids and micro-meteoroids, that are grouped together like a cloud. Armored battle craft are shielded from astralons, but can cause damage to unshielded civilian vehicles, compromising the hull and ship's atmosphere. Smaller astralons are said to be undetectable by low-power scanners.[11]
  • Cygnus: an asteroid containing an outpost of the Picon colony, in addition to a tylium mine owned by Baltar's family. It was captured by the Cylons a century before the Battle of Cimtar and held for five yahren until the Colonials retook it. Baltar later turned Cygnus' tylium mine operation into the "largest intercolonial Tylium trading firm in the Galaxy".[12]
  • Pan-Colonial Unification Party: a social and political movement that sought to unify the Colonies under one government politically, economically, and militarily; it was prominent on the colonies on Picon Virgon. Adar worked to develop this party on Virgon, which ushered him into a role of president of this organization and later the presidency of the Quorum of Twelve.[13] Baltar also generously contributed to this party and was influencial in bringing the party to power on his own colony of Picon.[12]
  • University of Picon: an educational institution on Picon where Baltar studied "political economy".[12]

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Please note that page numbers reflect the numbering in the PDF file that is linked above, and not in the actual encyclopedia itself, as the pages are not individually numbered in the actual book.
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