Encyclopedia Galactica

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Encyclopedia Galactica
Encyclopedia Galactica
A book of the Original Series reference line
Book No. 1
Author(s) Bruce Kraus[1]
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Published September 1979
ISBN 0525610391
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Encyclopedia Galactica: From the Fleet Library aboard the Battlestar Galactica (Windmill Books and E.P. Dutton 1979, ISBN 0525610391), edited by Bruce Kraus, is an encyclopedia of the Original Series.

Encyclopedia Galactica is presently out of print, although copies of it, at times, are available either through Amazon.com or eBay.

Due to its various inaccuracies, misspellings, and contradictory information, it is not considered a fully canonical source text for the Original Series. Battlestar Wiki does aim to note the difference between this text and aired information however, though makes no guarantees on its status in Battlestar canon.


A listing of errata in the book that deviates from already established canonical material.

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Please note that page numbers reflect the numbering in the PDF file that is linked above, and not in the actual encyclopedia itself, as the pages are not individually numbered in the actual book.
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