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Electronic Countermeasures


Electronic Countermeasures are any sort of electrical or electronic device designed entirely to confuse enemy detection systems. They may be used both offensively or defensively in any method to deny targeting information to an enemy. The system may make there appear to be hundreds of separate targets, or make the real target appear to dissapear or move about randomly.

Colonial Use

The Colonial Raptor is equipped with a range of ECM systems including:

  • Electronic signature decoys (Mini-Series)
  • Radio jamming equipment (33)
  • Detection interference

These systems can be activated by either the pilot or the ECO.

Cylon Use

The Cylons used a form of ECM during the Cylon attack when their attack craft (Basestar:basestars and Cylon Raider:Raiders transmitted a coded virus to all Colonial vessels within range. This virus used a backdoor programmed-into the Comand Navigation Program used aboard Colonial ships to disable their integrated systems and leave them vulnerable to attack (Mini-Series).