Dwight Saunders

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Rank: Lieutenant (Junior Grade)

Call-sign: Flat Top

Age: 25

Marital Status: Unknown

Children: Unknown

Current position: Raptor pilot, Battlestar Galactica (deceased)

Played by: Colby Johannson

"Flat Top" Saunders was a young Raptor pilot aboard the Galactica. He had gained some notoriety from undertaking heavy-handed combat landings, for which he was good-naturedly warned about by Starbuck while she was acting as CAG during Lee Adama's absence from ship (Bastille Day).

He was killed in a freak hanger bay incident, when a rocket-propelled communications drone broke free from its storage mount, igniting the motors and causing an explosion. At the time of his death, he had just completed his 1,000th shipboard landing (Act of Contrition).


Colby Johannson's IMDB entry gives the character's name as "Ryan Cisco". However, at the start of "Act of Contrition" an announcement over the ship's intercom can be heard, in which the character's name is clearly given as "Dwight 'Flat Top' Saunders".