Dipper (TOS)

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Dipper was the lackey of Serenity's administrator, Sire Bogan, who tended to be subservient and dull-minded. After Farnes, constable before Starbuck, died in a show of vain force against the Borays, very obviously pointed out that no one would be crazy for the job.

They found their answer when Boomer and Starbuck arrived to trade an an energizer for agro seed. Bogan, after rejecting the offer, sent Dipper and Duggy to ensure Starbuck and Boomer's return to Serenity; they liberated the energizer and secreted in a storage facility.

He eventually found that Starbuck had a winning streak in chancery games, and helped inspire Bogan to bet the badge of constable for Serenity.

Due to his subservient nature, he likely follows the reformed ways of Sire Bogan after the peace with the Borays. (The Magnificent Warriors)

Portrayed by Eric Server